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Undo Framework for YUI3

I. Changelog
ver. 1.0
	Initial load


Accordion widget for YUI 3

I. Changelog
ver. 1.07
 - Parsing data from markup improved for icon, nodeLabel, iconsContainer, iconAlwaysVisible, iconExpanded and iconClose configuration properties.
   Valid input is not only Node, but raw HTMLElement and a selector string also.

- Item reordering is false by default, instead true. As result, drag modules are now optional, not required.
ver. 1.06
  - Accordion supports setting config attributes via HTML5 "data-". These are:
    + data-label - string
    + data-expanded - "true", "yes" or "1"
    + data-alwaysvisible - "true", "yes" or "1"
    + data-closable - "true", "yes" or "1"
    + data-contentheight - "auto", "stretch" or "fixed-X", where X is a number
      data-contentheight="fixed-150" - content height will be 150 px
ver. 1.05
  - Setting item label bugfix
ver. 1.04
  - progressive enhancement improvements in AccordionItem
  - header HTML structure changed - table no more used, links will be used instead

ver. 1.03
  - string literals turned into local constants
  - EVENT_TYPES variable removed
  - event listeners unbundled
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