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Undo Framework for YUI3

I. Changelog

ver. 1.01
    - Undo/Redo migrated to YUI 3.1.1. No code changes.

ver. 1.0
    Initial load


Accordion widget for YUI 3

I. Changelog

ver. 1.091
 - Accordion migrated to YUI 3.1.1. No code changes.

ver. 1.09
 - Accordion migrated to YUI 3.1. A lot of internal changes and improvements, but should work with the existing configurations. The main difference is when instantiating - there is no need to pass contentBox/boundingBox as configuration parameters. Instead, you should set "srcNode" only.
   All Accordion classes has been renamed to start with yui3.
   Accordion is has been created by using Base.create instead Y.extend and
   The method _getConfigDOMAttribute has been removed and Widget's _applyParser has been overwritten in order to parse and prepare yuiConfig attribiute for HTML_PARSER.

ver 1.08
 - AccordionItem has a new function - resize(). It should be invoked if the content has been updated directly (by using innerHTML).
   This is neeed only if "contentHeight" property has been set to "auto". The function also causes resizing of all other expanded and stretched items.

ver. 1.07
 - Parsing data from markup improved for icon, nodeLabel, iconsContainer, iconAlwaysVisible, iconExpanded and iconClose configuration properties.
   Valid input is not only Node, but raw HTMLElement and a selector string also.

- Item reordering is false by default, instead true. As result, drag modules are now optional, not required.
ver. 1.06
  - Accordion supports setting config attributes via HTML5 "data-". These are:
    + data-label - string
    + data-expanded - "true", "yes" or "1"
    + data-alwaysvisible - "true", "yes" or "1"
    + data-closable - "true", "yes" or "1"
    + data-contentheight - "auto", "stretch" or "fixed-X", where X is a number
      data-contentheight="fixed-150" - content height will be 150 px
ver. 1.05
  - Setting item label bugfix
ver. 1.04
  - progressive enhancement improvements in AccordionItem
  - header HTML structure changed - table no more used, links will be used instead

ver. 1.03
  - string literals turned into local constants
  - EVENT_TYPES variable removed
  - event listeners unbundled
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