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CodeIgniter IPFinder Library
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CodeIgniter IPFinder Library

The official CodeIgniter IPFinder Library for the get details for :

  • IP address details
  • ASN details
  • Firewall details
  • IP Address Ranges details
  • Domain details
  • Domain history details
  • Domain list details
  • TOKEN details


Via composer

composer require ipfinder-io/codeigniter


Download the latest release.

And installing IPFinder PHP Client Library using Composer:

composer require ipfinder/ipfinder

set your $config['composer_autoload'] = vendor/autoload.php on application/config/config.php on line 139

And upload controllers and libraries to CondeIngniter application folder

How to Use

Use following codes in your application simple:

// Load Dependencies
$this->load->library('ipfinderlib',array('token' => 'YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE','proxy' => NULL));

example Code

run the sample code by using :

<your_domain>/index.php/IFinder/auth Get details for an Your IP address. <your_domain>/index.php/IFinder/ip/<IPV4|IPV6> Get details for an IP address. <your_domain>/index.php/IFinder/asn/<AS84874|as84874> Get details for an AS number. <your_domain>/index.php/IFinder/as1/nginx_deny Get Firewall data <your_domain>/index.php/IFinder/domain/<domain name> Get Domain IP <your_domain>/index.php/IFinder/status Get details for an API Token .

Sample codes under controllers/IFinder.php file.

List methods

Name Description
Authentication Get details for an Your IP address.
getAddressInfo Get details for an IP address. e.x(
getAsn Get details for an AS number. e.x(AS1)
getStatus Get details for an API Token .
getRanges Get details for an Organization name. e.x(Telecom Algeria)
getFirewall Get Firewall data e.x(AS1,nginx_deny)
getDomain Get Domain IP e.x(
getDomainHistory Get Domain IP history e.x(
getDomainBy Get list Domain By ASN, Country,Ranges e.x(DZ,FR)



GitHub license

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