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Official elixir client library for IPfinder
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IP Finder

IPFinder elixir Client Library

The official elixir client library for the get details for :

  • IP address details (city, region, country, postal code, latitude and more ..)
  • ASN details (Organization name, registry,domain,comany_type, and more .. )
  • Firewall by supported formats details (apache_allow, nginx_deny, CIDR , and more ..)
  • IP Address Ranges by the Organization name details (list_asn, list_prefixes , and more ..)
  • service status details (queriesPerDay, queriesLeft, key_type, key_info)
  • Get Domain IP (asn, organization,country_code ....)
  • Get Domain IP history (total_ip, list_ip,organization,asn ....)
  • Get list Domain By ASN, Country,Ranges (select_by , total_domain , list_domain ....)

Getting Started

singup for a free account at, for Free IPFinder API access token.

The free plan is limited to 4,000 requests a day, and doesn't include some of the data fields To enable all the data fields and additional request volumes see


See the official documentation.


Add IPFinder to your project's dependencies in mix.exs:

  defp deps do
      {:ipfinder, "~> 1.0.1"}

  def application do
    [ applications: [:ipfinder] ]

And fetch your project's dependencies:

$ mix deps.get


Note: You can load IPFinder into the Elixir REPL by executing this command from the root of your project:

$ iex -S mix

With free TOKEN

iex> conf =

# lookup your IP address information
iex> {:ok, auth} = Ipfinder.authentication(conf)

# print your ip


iex> conf ="YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE")

# lookup your IP address information
iex> {:ok, auth} = Ipfinder.authentication(conf)

iex> auth
# print your ip
iex> auth.ip

Get IP address

iex> conf ="YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE")

# GET Get details for
iex> {:ok, ip} = Ipfinder.getAddressInfo(conf,"")
# print data


This API available as part of our Pro and enterprise

iex> conf ="YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE")

iex> {:ok, asn} = Ipfinder.getAsn(conf,"AS1")
# print data
iex> asn


This API available as part of our enterprise formats supported are : apache_allow, apache_deny,nginx_allow,nginx_deny, CIDR, linux_iptables, netmask, inverse_netmask, web_config_allow , web_config_deny, cisco_acl, peer_guardian_2, network_object, cisco_bit_bucket, juniper_junos, microtik

iex> conf ="YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE")

# lookup Asn Firewall information
iex> {:ok, fire} = Ipfinder.getFirewall(conf,"AS1", 'nginx_deny')


Get IP Address Ranges

This API available as part of our enterprise

iex> conf ="YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE")

# lookup Organization information
iex> {:ok, range} = Ipfinder.getRanges(conf,"Telecom Algeria")

iex> range

Get service status

iex> conf ="YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE")

# lookup IP TOKEN information
iex> {:ok, status} = Ipfinder.getStatus(conf)

iex> status

Get Domain IP

iex> conf ="YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE")

iex> {:ok, domain} = Ipfinder.getDomain(conf,"")

iex> domain

Get Domain IP history

iex> conf ="YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE")

# domain name IP history
iex> {:ok, domain} = getDomainHistory(conf,"")

iex> domain

Get list Domain By ASN, Country,Ranges

iex> conf ="YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE")

# list live domain by country DZ,US,TN,FR,MA

iex> {:ok, by} = Ipfinder.getDomainBy(conf,"FR")

iex> by

Add proxy

iex> conf ="YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE", "")

Sample codes under examples/ folder.


Contact Us With Additional Questions About Our API, if you would like more information about our API that isn’t available in our IP geolocation API developer documentation, simply contact us at any time and we’ll be able to help you find what you need.


GitHub license

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