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Discussify's browser extension.



Choose one of the installations below. Note that you will need to have a self-sovereign identity on uPort to sign in into the app.

Easy install (AMO/Add-ons for Firefox and Chrome Web Store)

Chrome Web Store

Download and install it here.

AMO/Add-ons for Firefox

We did not submit the extension to AMO yet as we are tackling privacy policy first. There is an opened issue for that and you can check its status here.

Build from source

Warning: It is recommended that you install from AMO or the Chrome Web Store, since that will give you automatic updates. Building from source, your extension will not update, and you will have to rebuild every time a new version comes out.

  1. Clone the project.

  2. (optionally) Checkout a specific version tag. By default, master is checked out.

  3. Install the dependencies by running npm install in the project folder.

  4. Build the project by running npm run build in the project folder.

  5. On Chrome:

    1. Type chrome://extensions in the URL bar.
    2. Enable "Developer mode".
    3. Click on "Load unpacked extension..." button.
    4. Point to dist/chrome.
  6. On Firefox:

    1. Type about:debugging in the URL bar.
    2. Click on "Enable add-on debugging".
    3. Click on "Load Temporary Add-on".
    4. Pick the file dist/firefox/manifest.json.
  7. The extension should now appear in the extensions list! Click on the extension icon and then look for the white floating action button in the bottom right of your window to login with a uPort identity and start using Discussify.


If you want to contribute for the project, we encourage you to read over the pm-discussify repository README.

In order to run the project, follow the Build from source instructions but, instead of npm run build, use npm start.

Any changes to the source code will be compiled and the extension should automatically reload, thanks to webpack-chrome-extension-reloader. If you have any problems with this feature, simply click the reload button on the extension.



You can start your project for development in 3 different ways:

$ npm run start:chrome
$ npm run start:firefox
$ npm start

All the commands listed above start the project for development. Note the differences:

  • $ npm run start:chrome will produce a development build on dist/chrome/build. You should point to dist/chrome on chrome://extensions/.

  • $ npm run start:firefox will also produce a development build but this time on dist/firefox/build. You should pick the dist/firefox/manifest.json file when you are click on "Load Temporary Add-on".

  • $ npm start runs npm run start:chrome by default.


$ npm run build

Builds the project for production.


$ npm test

Runs the project tests.


$ npm run lint

Checks if the project has any linting errors.

Privacy Policy

We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy before start using Discussify.


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