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Localization Notes

Table of Contents

Contributing Translations

Go to, send a request to join specific language team and start translating! You can also download raw files from Transifex, translate them in your own editor/tool and then upload them back there, but most of people prefer using Transifex GUI.

If your language is not present in add-on/_locales yet, but is supported by mainstream browsers please create a new issue requesting it 👍

Don't worry if GitHub does not reflect translations added at Transifex: translations are merged manually before every release, locale files at GitHub are often behind what is already translated at Transifex. It is a good idea to keep Transifex email notifications enabled to be notified about new strings to translate.

Thanks again for your translations!

Running Chrome with specific locale

Chrome comes with locales out of the box, so it is enouh to set proper env:

LANGUAGE=pl chromium --user-data-dir=`mktemp -d`


Running Firefox with specific locale

Unless user installed locale-specific build, Firefox will have English only.
If your build already has the locale you are interested in, skip step #2.

  1. Set intl.locale.requested in about:config or commandline via:
    web-ext run --pref intl.locale.requested=pl
  2. Install language pack from
  3. Reload browser extension – it should detect new locale