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# IPFS Companion

![demo of v2.0.13](
![demo of v2.2.0](

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#### Automagical Detection of IPFS Resources

Requests for resources at IPFS-like paths (`/ipfs/$cid` or `/ipns/$peerid_or_fqdn`) are detected on any website.
Requests for IPFS-like paths (`/ipfs/$cid` or `/ipns/$peerid_or_fqdn-with-dnslink`) are detected on any website.
If tested path is a valid IPFS address it gets redirected and loaded from a local gateway, e.g:

#### IPFS Status and Action Menu
#### IPFS API exposed as `window.ipfs`

A safe subset of IPFS APIs of user's node is exposed as `window.ipfs` on every webpage.
This means websites can detect if `window.ipfs` exists and opt-in to use it instead of spawning own `js-ipfs` node. This saves resources, battery etc.
Make sure to read our [notes on `window.ipfs`](, where we explain it in-depth and provide examples on how to use it your own dapp.

#### Embedded `js-ipfs` Node

Browser Action menu provides a toggle for switching between embedded, in-memory `js-ipfs` and external IPFS node accessed over HTTP API.

Embedded node is a fine fallback for situations when user needs to quickly share a file with someone or just wants to run a dapp against `window.ipfs` but has no third party IPFS daemon running locally.
Power users can provide own config (eg. to enable experimental pubsub) via _Preferences_.

**UX Note:** Embedded node does not run when external one is used. Every time you switch back to Embedded node, a new instance is spawned on-demand, so it takes [a few seconds]( for a brand-new node to find peers.

#### IPFS Status and Context Actions

- IPFS API and Gateway status
- Quick Upload of local files
@@ -63,7 +78,6 @@ _(some are disabled by default, use Preferences screen to enable)_
- Make plaintext IPFS links clickable
- Mirror to IPFS by right click on any image or video
- Embedded node can be used for uploads even when external API is down
- [`window.ipfs`](docs/ - web pages can access your IPFS node

## Install

@@ -155,10 +169,15 @@ Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an [issue](

If you want to help in developing this extension, please see [CONTRIBUTING]( page :sparkles:

Browser extension team hangs out at the [#ipfs-in-web-browsers]( channel on Freenode.

This repository falls under the IPFS [Code of Conduct](


The best place to ask your questions about IPFS in general, how it works and what you can do with it is at [](
We are also available at the [#ipfs]( channel, where most of IPFS community hangs out.

#### Upload via Right-Click Does Not Work in Firefox

See [this workaround](

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