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@lidel lidel released this Jan 18, 2019

Changes Since v2.6.3

  • Web UI v2.3.3 (#660)
  • Warning about mixed content errors (#650), closes #648


  • window.ipfs v2: added window.ipfs.enable() (#619)
    • Context and main discussion: #589
    • Newly added await window.ipfs.enable({ commands: ['id','peers'] }) triggers the Bulk Permission Prompt:

    • Deprecation warning is shown for window.ipfs.<cmd>():

      Calling commands directly on window.ipfs is deprecated and will be removed on 2019-04-01. Use API instance returned by window.ipfs.enable() instead. More: /docs/

      • Tip: if possible, use window.ipfs-fallback library that takes care of basic fallback ceremony.
        It will ensure your app follows API changes and does not break in the future.
    • Support opt-in ipfsx experiment (b633eb4)

      if experiments:{ipfsx:true} is passed to window.ipfs.enable it will return IPFS API instance wrapped in ipfsx prototype from ipfs-shipyard/ipfsx

    • Remove ACL whitelist for window.ipfs (756b177)

      no command can be run without explicit approval from the user


  • fix(ui) copying links works for SVG and PDF (f707f44), closes #440
  • fix(api): support HTTPS API endpoints (#654)
  • fix(api): support backends with both old and new Files API (#651, a403af3)
  • fix(proxy): missing Files APIs over window.ipfs (#657)
  • fix(proxy): fail fast on unsupported flag (a28da88)


  • switched external API client to ipfs-http-client (4a8f70b)
  • switched to TerserPlugin, regenerated yarn.lock (fb27d28)


Firefox / Firefox for Android Chromium-based: Chrome, Brave
Install From AMO Install from Chrome Store

Alternative: use * above or build and install it manually.

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