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@lidel lidel released this Apr 1, 2019

Nobody expects release on April's 1st.. so here it is 🙃


Visual refresh

Main menu tweaks based on feedback from #689:

on/on/off off/disabled/on Preferences
2019-03-06--14-57-50 2019-03-06--15-03-21 2019-03-06--14-56-36
  • Replaced checkboxes on Preferences screen (#692)
  • Pin/unpin no longer closes the browser action menu (91990ad)

Got ideas how we can make it better and easier to use?
Join discussion at Design: New UI for IPFS Companion (#689)

Context actions on DNSLink sites

This release adds context actions on DNSLink sites even when redirect is disabled (#694)


New Web UI

Updated to Web UI v2.4.4.
You should notice improvements on the Files screen (originally landed in v2.4.0).

Per-site Redirect Opt-out

Added a toggle in Active Tab section to disable gateway redirect on current website:

Global Redirect Opt-out

It is now possible to quickly disable all redirects without shutting down extension itself:


  • Fixed flashing of pin/unpin toggle (#697)
  • Worked around missing dnslink resolver under js-ipfs (f23bc2e)



Firefox, Firefox for Android Chromium: Chrome, Brave, Opera
Install From AMO Install from Chrome Store

Alternative: use * below or build and install it manually.

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