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@lidel lidel released this May 10, 2019


This release includes changes unlocking work on Embedded JS-IPFS in Brave (wip in #716):

  • Feature-detection of chrome.sockets at runtime (#711)
  • Prototype of Embedded HTTP Gateway in Brave (#719)

    Notes on testing this in Brave

    • This is WIP. Work on Embedded JS-IPFS in Brave is tracked in #716
    • chrome.sockets and an opt-in prototype of Embedded Gateway (#664 (comment)) works only when built via yarn dev-build bundle:brave:beta and loaded manually to Brave Nightly
      • Prebuilt package for Brave Nightly is attached to this release
      • Seamless install from Chrome Web Store requires Manifest patch in Brave
  • Configurable logger levels (#712)

    Replaces console.log calls with 'debug'-based logging.

    Different parts of extension and JS IPFS stack log to own namespaces, and user can tweak which logs should be printed to Browser Console using input on Preferences screen (* shows everything):

  • We started asking for unlimitedStorage permission for use when embedded node is selected.
    Details in #714




Firefox, Firefox for Android Chromium: Chrome, Brave, Opera
Install From AMO Install from Chrome Store

Alternative: use * below or build and install it manually.

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