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@lidel lidel released this Aug 14, 2019


  • Web UI v2.5.0
  • preload Web UI root CID (#735)
  • Embedded JS IPFS in Brave (work in progress: #716)
    • fix: no port collisions (#734)
    • fix: persist External node config (#734)
    • feat(brave): delegated peers and content routing (#739)

      This enables delegated routers in embedded js-ipfs running in Brave.
      Coupled with preload, this gives us basic file sharing functionality back, until we have real p2p transport, native DHT etc.

    • fix: callback-based delgates + DNS caching

      This switches to 0.2.x versions of delegate modules which work correctly with js-libp2p + wip fix for js-ipfs that caches DNS records for 1 minute, greatly reducing the HTTP request overhead to remote APIs.



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