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@hacdias hacdias released this Dec 21, 2018 · 184 commits to master since this release

⚠ This is a pre-release and it may contain bugs. We're looking for your feedback to make it better!

It is time for a breath of fresh air 🌬 here, on IPFS Desktop. For this release we decided to keep things simple and working. We now have a completely redesigned interface with an integration with Web UI like you've never seen before.



  • Easy install for first time users on IPFS
  • Run your daemon without needing to touch the command line
  • Automatic updates for Windows and macOS
  • 🌐 More international than ever!
    • ✍️ If your language needs more work please help by contributing translations for Desktop and Web UI 🙌
  • Access to all the features Web UI can give you:
    • 💻 Node Status
    • 📁 Your precious files
    • 🧙🏾‍♂️ The magical discovery of the Merkle Forest
    • 🌍 Your peers

Known Issues

  • Signed binaries for macOS and Windows are planned for January. Right now, when installing, you may be told the binary isn't safe because of it.
  • If you install the Snap package, you'll need to use the --dangerous flag due to missing metadata (#757)
  • The drag'n'drop target is small when there are no files in the directory, making it hard to drop them (ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-webui#916)
  • On Linux, you may need to click twice on the button for the first time for it to work (#758)

Again, we remind you this is a pre-release and we're looking for your feedback! Please create a new issue if you find something odd or want a new feature.

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