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@hacdias hacdias released this Sep 6, 2019 · 95 commits to master since this release

The 0.9.0 version now allows you to navigate, not only your own files and pins, but the whole /ipfs and /ipns universe. Just type a path and you're good to go. We've also improved many existing features and squashed a lot of bugs.

🚨 Breaking Changes

  • The accelerator for 'Take Screenshot' on macOS is now Command+Control+S
  • The accelerator for 'Download Hash' on macOS is now Command+Control+H


  • Add npm-on-ipfs support (#911)
  • Add Cmd+Q accelerator to quit the app on macOS (#976)
  • Add Cmd+R accelerator to restart the node on macOS (#1025)
  • Add 'Take Screenshot' and 'Download Hash' to menubar (#977)
  • 'Download Hash' feature now supports any IP(F)(N)S paths (#980)
  • Protocol handlers (ipns://, ipfs://, dweb:) now use the local gateway when available (#994)
  • Navigate files in the wild (#922, ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-webui#1027)
  • Allow to move repository location (#988)
  • Upgrade to Electron 6.0 (#1012)
  • go-ipfs v0.4.22

🐛 Fixes and Maintenance

  • Fix ipfs-on-path install script path on Windows (#964)
  • Fix permission errors on macOS/Linux when installing ipfs-on-path (#959)
  • 'Download Hash' feature now can download nested directories successfully (#980)
  • Use a different shortcut to download hashes on macOS (#981)
  • Handle the case where default ports are busy (#912)
  • Make sure we stop IPFS before quitting (#1022)
  • Get go-ipfs version from go-ipfs.version or go-ipfs-dep (#1037)
  • Fix notify import (#1036)
  • Increase draggable area on window to be easily moved (#1066)
  • Introduce unit tests (#1038, #1070)
  • Have a reliable CI process (#973, #1055)
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