@olizilla olizilla released this Nov 14, 2018 · 45 commits to master since this release

Release CID: QmPwKAKiPaTXYzqPSctCGnZoNyAjT3gn7AgXcT8TTDofw9

Available for early-access at https://webui.ipfs.io

Navigation improvements

Web UI now has a responsive navbar! added in #877


  • The navbar now stores your preference for open or closed. - #875

Language selector

Web UI uses [i18next] to pick the most appropriate language to show based on your browsers navigator.languages property. Thanks to @fsdiogo you can now override that magic with the Language Selector!

language selector

This helps us show off the great work of the volunteers who are building the translations for the Web UI. If you can help with that, check out https://www.transifex.com/ipfs/

Other changes

We've also fixed some bugs. In our excitement to get the new Web UI launched we missed the fact that our bandwidth colors were mixed up between the bandwidth-over-time graph and the network traffic dials. #876 fixed in #881

And some depenency updates to ensure Web UI works with the new QUIC support, just released in go-ipfs v0.4.18 and and to fix a gnarly interop issue with ipfs-companion
in #874

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