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fix: async lock isEnable (#7)

* fix: turn lock isEnable synchronous

* chore: make masterlock and idletimer direct properties of locker

* chore: simplify creation of locks

Also add missing await to a few tests

* chore: standardize constructors

* chore: test improvements

* chore: validate master lock & get lock

* chore: add readme

* chore: revert some minor changes

* chore: add new locker getLock test
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paulobmarcos committed Apr 25, 2019
1 parent f023003 commit e520977ef207954de74710ff86c57353352a2831
@@ -1,3 +1,58 @@
# idm-wallet

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The reference implementation of the IDM Wallet in JavaScript.

## Installation

$ npm install idm-wallet

This library is written in modern JavaScript and is published in both CommonJS and ES module transpiled variants. If you target older browsers please make sure to transpile accordingly.

## Usage

import createIdmWallet from 'idm-wallet';
await (async () => {
const idmWallet = createIdmWallet();

## API

This library is following closely the [IDM Wallet Specification](

We will be providing proper API documentation once the both this library and the specification mature.

## Tests

$ npm test
$ npm test -- --watch # during development

## License

Released under the [MIT License](
@@ -10,12 +10,18 @@ class SetupMasterLock extends Component {

render() {
const { loading } = this.state;
const { loading, error } = this.state;

if (loading) {
return <div>...Loading...</div>;

if (error) {

return <div>{ error.message }</div>;

return (
<h3>To setup your wallet please enter a passphrase as the Master Lock.</h3>

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