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Building the IPFS Community

Community, evangelism, engagement, on ramp.


We will get some seeds for the singularity of human cooperation 🌱🌱🌱

Requirements to consider

Come as you are.

Where to learn about it

Introducing Talk

Proposals for Group Work

  • "How to start an IPFS community" Tutorial

  • Connecting IPFS communities

  • Working with ProtoSchool

  • How to apply Creative Learning

  • Cooperation with Protocol Lab

  • Cooperation strategies concerning other feeders

  • "How can we help?" Communities supporting others

  • Overcoming the chasm between community and business



🎀 Slides


Problems we identified and proposed solutions:

Problem Solution
Wide potential audience to tap into, but need a place to start: diverse Motivations (personal, professional, ect.) and Demographics (mostly developers/engineers, but also privacy and/or self sov. advocates/activists, ect.) Tool(s) to help a new person identify the best place to start (not the same for everyone) based on: What you already know about PL product(s) and tech that powers it; Why you are interested/care; what you want to do/contribute
A need to have the community grow organically/virally w/o direct support templates, tools, and reusable content to help organizers succeed and recruit&teach other organizers. Incentives to make those things and improve them.
Attract and better support more people Incentives to join with other communities and increase diversity in your own.
Overhead organizing is huge: time, effort, resources More broadly advertising general weekly call end editing down to highlights specifically for reuse at live events.
Fresh recurring content is missing Exposing more highlights from the whole ecosystem in a newsletter-like way by core PL team + organizers, for organizers to consume. Suggested meetup formats around this info.
Methods to onboard new OSS contributors to PL Build MVP starter kits w/ plug-able components (or wished-for functionality with open TODOs in the production MVP - inviting contribution) for dApps, ex: truffle. Make the tutorials bootstrap themselves! Improvement of kits and new/improved components as your first contributions. Model: Dualigo. Tutorials start with known solutions, and move to open ended / unknown ones.
More places to get started w/o any experience Also solves needing more, and continuous improvement on, existing dweb functionality/tools
Growth in diversity of community MLM style incentives for giving talks/workshops that recruit more organizers && promote inclusivity / diversity in meetups ( in widest possible demographics. Bonus for uniqueness of new membership that comes from there.
Cultural differences hard to bridge. identify and support ambassadors for a culture/region/language. Regular core team status /checkins to get pulse of each ambassador's region.
More ways to be exposed to IPFS via using services/apps that rely on them dog food by using tools and platforms run on IPFS and be intentional about exposing problems with a call-to-action to fix them. (ex: sloooooow loading times = tooltip - "wonder why this is slow? -> GH issue and/or article describing problem and proposed / in progress solutions)
Need for more active collaboration with other communities more official presence of PL at general hackathons and conf. Grants for those willing to be ambassadors for these and extras ($ and/or acclaim = gamify it!) for tangible results from them. (ex: local organizer gets trip paid for to participate , more for presenting / manning a booth, more for new members who become regulars to PL community)
More chances to connect with leaders in person (like camp!) to work and play together competitive to get into - you earn this in some way - different levels (ala discord-like groups / video game level-ups)
Ways to meet your heroes in the community / big names come to you Remote hangouts for 15 minuets w/ meetups. Widely know core members. Draws a big crowd for very little effort on PL side, and can be used to spark conversation and local interest ongoing. Analog: Well timed magic potion buff for and organizer. Timed to coincide with major milestones / launches.
Clear mission + purpose + desired outcomes of IPFS community: bluntly - what is PL getting out of this and what d they want to back? Not sure of the solution, must be core to decide. But whatever it is, make it explicit so that it is easy t understand and provide a reason for it.

Other thoughts:

Community is a tremendously valuable asset, but extremely hard to place an exact value metric on... What do we do with this collectively to promote the goals of us as individuals, as PL fans, and as humans? With same thoughtful structure, the energy and enthusiasm of this group can do amazing things. what re best practices and good examples of communities being leveraged for a cause?

Reusable, forkable content, standard Template(s) and asset repository for organizers is needed.

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