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Do not replicate lists - DNR

How to stop your node from replicating content due to take down notices or other reasons.


An API proposal to allow an IPFS node to stop storing and replicating specific content.

Requirements to consider

Ethical challenges:

  • Bad people want to put bad bits on the network.
  • People don’t want to see bad bits.
  • Bad is subjective.

Technical challenges:

  • Where do we implement blocking to not break the DHT?
  • How do we implement blocking to not break websites?
  • How do we not create an easily discoverable list of badness?
  • How do we audit / update the known badness?

Where to learn about it

Are there any existing solutions to similar problems?

  • Content moderation
  • ad-blockers - they maintain lists of urls
    • ublock origin
  • PKI (gpg/pgp) revocation
  • - audio fingerprint that is agnostic to bitrate/encoding/hash algo



🎤 Slides


  • lists imply authority (someone is manage the list)
  • in ssb every particpant is providing a list ( strictly, a log of messages that you do want replicated )
  • not one lists but many lists...
  • lets not focus on the details of the lists.
  • could be a simple tech
  • content id?
  • pinata - i would like a group of trusted gateways to publish to a communal list that we all deny if any one of us deny.
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