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IPFS and Guix

Exploration into existing or potential issues with integrating IPFS with Guix and more generally what can be done to resolve them in a way that might be beneficial to other package managers.


Finish and merge the IPFS patch for Guix:

Summary of the open questions:

  • Get the file attributes right for the package manager (we don't want too many or too few). How to forward the executable bit?

  • How do we store package as directories? This overlaps with the question of attributes.

  • Shall we either:

    • store package archives and extend IPFS so that it chunks the archive properly at file boundaries for deduplication;
    • store directories, which is more work and possible more performance costly?
  • When do we unpin? For instance, ‘guix publish’ stores things as long as they are requested, and then for the duration specified with ‘--ttl’.

Requirements to consider

  • File attributes
  • Large files
  • Large number of files
  • Many nodes

Where to learn about it



🎤 Slides



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