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Developing Apps with IPFS API

Local, Remote or Embedded? go-ipfs or js-ipfs? Core API interface? Command-line? HTTP contexts?
Pick IPFS API implementation and ways of interacting with it.


Marcin Rataj Jim Pick Hugo Dias
@lidel @jimpick @hugomrdias

What you will learn with this Course

Ways to use IPFS as a building block in your application:

  1. Identify use cases for Backend, Remote and Embedded nodes
  2. Find out when to use go-ipfs vs js-ipfs vs API client
  3. Get a hands-on experience in command-line and while building a sandbox web application
  4. How IPFS API simplifies handling of immutable data
  5. What are strategies for managing mutable pointers to immutable data

Preparation for the course

Course materials

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