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Elective F

Stewarding a local IPFS Community and Meetup/Workshop #protips

Starting, Growing, and Stewarding your local IPFS community is no small feat. But not to fear - there is a community to support you and a vast ammount of resources that you can tap into to help you succeed! πŸš€ This course will equipt you with tools βš’, best practices β˜‘οΈ, support channels 🀝, and confidence πŸ’ͺ in getting a seed started 🌻


Dan Shields Kevin Wong Stefan Hans
@nukemandan @kk3wong @stefanhans

What you will gain from participation in the course

By the end of this course, you will be prepared to kick butt in:

NOTE: This is a non-technical reprive for our campers ⛺️ 🎊

Preparation for the course

You should do a bit of homework beforehand:

  • Take a look to see what Protoschool Chapers existist in your area, and take note of the organizer
  • We will have a few activities 😁 come armed with energy :lightning: and be ready to interact with your peers πŸ™Œ
    • Your mission: Come prepared with the best example of a workshop/meetup that you attended. What key things made that so? Why was it so useful?
  • Are you a meetup organizer yourself? Please reach out to us! (Dan/Kevin/Stefan)* We want to get you involved in the activities for this elective 😁 - no pressure.

Course Materials

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