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Elective H Making the Browser a True User Agent

What if your web browser truly reflected your values - advocating for you, filtering for you, connecting you to others on your terms. What if your browser could be a full nodes in a distributed networks, or just connect directly to your friend's computer without intermediaries?

While we're waiting for mainstream browsers to catch up with our needs, we can experiment with building our own. What if you could build your own browser? What would it look like? What values would it have? What capabilities would it need to have?

We’ll show how browsers act as a value filter on our world, teach some approaches to making the browser truly be an agent that represents you, and break into groups to start building our own true user agents.


Thanks for joining our session! You can view the slides.


Dietrich Ayala Irakli Gozalishvili Andre Garzia
@autonome @Gozala @soapdog

What you will learn with this Course

We'll introduce several approaches for building dweb user-agents and applications:

  • Lunet application framework for IPFS
  • Firefox WebExtension client for Secure Scuttlebutt
  • Android browser with Mozilla's Android Components Project
  • Desktop dweb applications with Electron

Preparation for the course

Required installs

Optional installs

Source code

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