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Much of this repo - including this readme - is not accurate to the current state of affairs in 202211. We will be pruning/archiving old content in 2022Q4. In the interim, the official IPFS community docs have relevant ways to engage with the community.


standard-readme compliant

IPFS Community Processes and Resources.

Table of Contents


The IPFS community is growing, and already has many resources. We ought to maintain them, build more, and improve all the things. This repository is for meta, non-code discussions (in the issues) and for documents used by multiple repositories, such as the various Contributing guidelines.

NOTE: If you're interested in discussing code, jumping on our community calls, or talking to developers about our overall project management, go to ipfs/team-mgmt. You can also open issues in specific repositories (like Kubo), and come talk to us on Forums and Chat.

Our goals here are to work on resources that help us with:


IPFS is an open source project with a large and open community. Listing out all the names of the contributors would result in a very long list, so we made a very large hex grid instead!

The grid keeps growing, find the latest always at the Contributors Hex Grid repo.

Contributing Guidelines


IPFS Meetups

There are several community meetups in different areas of the world, organized by the IPFS developers and enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome to participate in their local meetup or be the ones organizing one.

Find the list at:

ProtoSchool Workshops

ProtoSchool is a community-driven open source project dedicated to making it easy to get started with decentralized web technologies like IPFS through interactive online tutorials and local learning events led by community groups around the world. To locate a workshop near you, check out our event listings. Don't see a ProtoSchool workshop in your neighborhood? Host your own!

IPFS Event Materials

Want to host an event to share IPFS with others, or bring IPFS to another event? Feel free to use these materials to make your event(s) awesome! Everything here is Creative Commons 4.0 - so feel free to adapt or remix!

  • How IPFS Works Overview: @stebalien created a great presentation template for "How IPFS Works (approximately)". Feel free to reuse or fork this deck to help break down the inner magic of IPFS for others. Here's a recording of this deck being used in practice to explain how IPFS works (from the October 2019 Osaka IPFS Meetup).
    • Still have questions? IPFS Simply Explained does a great job visualizing how IPFS addresses some key use cases and needs to upgrade the internet.
  • IPFS Deep Dive Workshops: These two videos - How IPFS Deals with Files and The Lifecycle of Data on the Dweb - are great workshops on how core components of the IPFS network fit together. Feel free to watch these together, or just use as inspiration.
  • Context and Vision for IPFS: In Why IPFS? and Building Web3, Juan Benet talks about how IPFS fits into a longer-scale evolution of technology and our progress on building the new set of capabilities to power web3. The amazing video in "Why IPFS" that sets the stage for our place in the cosmos is "Our Story in 1 Minute" by melodysheep.
  • IPFS Intro with Interactive Demo @NukeManDan gives a basic overview and provides and interactive demo with PeerPad for the audience. Here is a video to model after and the slides used. To generate nice looking QR codes to replace in the slides for your own, check out . You are also encouraged to reach out to @NukeManDan for assistance or feedback on these materials.

Community Calendar

We have a community Google Calendar, where you can watch for events and sync to. We will add relevant events concerning IPFS to it, both with geographical and interplanetary (online) locations.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 3 34 09 PM

If you know of an event that has a set date and location and is not listed on the calendar, please open an issue on this repository requesting that it be added to the calendar.


Feel free to join in! All welcome. Your best to start is probably either in or in the issues.

This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.

Want to hack on IPFS?

Ecosystem Projects

If your project/product uses IPFS, you're in the IPFS ecosystem! We'd love to see all projects in the IPFS ecosystem be discoverable and used by the broader community!

Showcase Your Project!

Follow the steps below to submit your projects to be featured in this repo:

  • Create a project profile here in the ipfs/community repository using the project submission template here. Name the file name after your project and fill in as much information as you can. Use your project name as the file name so the community can find your project easily!
  • Create a project discussion in the Discussion board on this repo, with the category as Show and tell - Developers and title as [Category] Project Name(i.e: [Application] Slate), link the discussion in the How the community can engage section of your project submission. This is to create a place to interact with the community, share your updates and gain feedback on your projects! If you update your project Discussion regularly, those updates can be picked up in the IPFS newsletter, social sharing, get invites to speak at IPFS meetups or other events, and more!
  • Once the project profile is ready, create a PR, prefix [Project Submission] in the title
  • If everything looks good, the repo maintainers will merge the PR and voila, as simple as that your project is now featured here!

Updates and Newsletter

We'd encourage all projects featured in this repo to share all of your thrilling updates with the community! Start a new comment with header Project Name Update/Newsletter - Date (i.e ## Slate Update - Feb, 2021) in your project discussion to share the exciting news with the community!


This repository is mainly for documents. All of these are licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license © 2019 Protocol Labs Inc. Any code is under an MIT license © 2019 Protocol Labs Inc.