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# Updates `content/reference/api/` from the locally installed go-ipfs
exec &> ./content/reference/api/
echo "---
title: \"CLI Commands\"
identifier: clicommands
weight: 10
parent: api
<!-- TODO: Remove index since it's handled by the TOC in the menu? -->
<!-- TODO: Structure this around command groups (dag, object, files, etc.) -->
**Note:** IPFS can run in either “online” (you have IPFS running separately as a daemon process) or “offline” mode, but some commands are only supported when online. For example \`ipfs swarm peers\` only works in online mode because you won’t be connected to a swarm at all if you’re offline. For more about running IPFS as a daemon, see [“going online” in the usage documentation]({{< relref \"\" >}}).
This document is autogenerated from <a href=''>scripts/</a>. For issues and support, check out the <a href=''>docs repository</a> on GitHub.
echo "*Generated on $(date +"%Y-%m-%d %T"), from go-ipfs $(ipfs version -n).*"
printf "\n"
ipfs commands | while read line ; do
echo "- [$line](#$(echo $line | tr -s ' ' -))"
printf "\n"
ipfs commands | while read line ; do
printf "## $line\n\n\`\`\`\n"
$line --help
printf "\`\`\`\n\n"
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