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Since 0.4.11 go-ipfs has an experimental plugin system that allows augmenting the daemons functionality without recompiling.

When an IPFS node is created, it will load plugins from the $IPFS_PATH/plugins directory (by default ~/.ipfs/plugins).

Plugin types


IPLD plugins add support for additional formats to ipfs dag and other IPLD related commands.

Supported plugins

Name Type
git IPLD


  1. Build included plugins:
go-ipfs$ make build_plugins
go-ipfs$ ls plugin/plugins/*.so
  1. Copy desired plugins to $IPFS_PATH/plugins
go-ipfs$ mkdir -p ~/.ipfs/plugins/
go-ipfs$ cp plugin/plugins/ ~/.ipfs/plugins/
go-ipfs$ chmod +x ~/.ipfs/plugins/ # ensure plugin is executable
  1. Restart daemon if it is running

Go currently only supports plugins on Linux, for other platforms you will need to compile them into IPFS binary.

  1. Uncomment plugin entries in plugin/loader/preload_list
  2. Build ipfs
go-ipfs$ make build