Tracking the endeavor towards getting web browsers to natively support IPFS.
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IPFS In Web Browsers Working Group


Tracking the Path to getting IPFS and other Decentralized Protocols Natively Supported in Web Browsers.

Current Status

Browser Extension

You can now install the IPFS Companion, a WebExtension that works in Chrome, Firefox and Brave to give your browser super powers, I mean, to add support for the IPFS protocol and related features.

Latest Beta experimentally exposes IPFS API under window.ipfs on every web page.

JS Libraries

Currently in order to run IPFS in a web browser, you have to either bundle js-ipfs (full IPFS node in JS) with your client-side application or use js-ipfs-api (HTTP API client library) to connect to external daemon running on local or remote machine.

IPFS Addressing in Web Browsers

See this memo. It specifies current set of conventions for the IPFS community.
We invite everyone to submit questions and suggestions for improvements via issues/PR.