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olizilla and daviddias Add peers with errors to swarm.peers definition
js-ipfs-api can encounter individual peer info objects that have newer multiaddrs or, in theory, a new format for PeerId that it cannot parse. Allowing for individiual peerInfo validation errors allows us to return a response which has the right number of peers in, and peerId and multiaddr info for all the other peers that could be validated, along with a info about peers that failed to validate.

See: ipfs/js-ipfs-api#887
Latest commit 4b2b7fe Nov 13, 2018


This directory contains the description of the core IPFS API. In order to be considered "valid", an IPFS core implementation must expose the API described here. You can also use this loose spec as documentation for consuming the core APIs. There is an outline of the contents of that directory in the API section of this repository's root README file.