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The ipfs-cluster website

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Official website for ipfs-cluster

This repository contains the source code for the ipfs-cluster website available at If you're looking for the open-source IPFS Cluster project itself, head to

This project builds out a static site to explain ipfs-cluster, ready for deployment on ipfs. It uses hugo to glue the html together. It provides an informative, public-facing website. The most important things are the words, concepts and links it presents.


git clone


To deploy the site, run:

# Build out the optimised site to ./public, where you can check it locally.

# Add the site to your local ipfs, you can check it via /ipfs/<hash>
make deploy

# Save your dnsimple api token as auth.token
cat "<api token here>" > auth.token

# Update the dns record for to point to the new ipfs hash.
make publish-to-domain

The following commands are available:


Build the optimised site to the ./public dir

make serve

Preview the production ready site at http://localhost:1313 (requires hugo on your PATH)

make dev

Start a hot-reloading dev server on http://localhost:1313 (requires hugo on your PATH)

make deploy

Build the site in the public dir and add to ipfs (requires hugo & ipfs on your PATH)

make publish-to-domain 🚀

Update the DNS record for (requires an auto.token file to be saved in the project root.)

If you'd like to update the dnslink TXT record for another domain, pass DOMAIN=<your domain here> like so:

make publish-to-domain

See the Makefile for the full list or run make help in the project root. You can pass the env var DEBUG=true to increase the verbosity of your chosen command.


The ipfs-cluster team.


Please do! Check out the issues, or open a PR!

Check out our contributing document for more information on how we work, and about contributing in general.

Small note: If editing the README, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


MIT © 2018 Protocol Labs Inc.