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2f417eb63281e53ab8273189fac20ac70267287b Release 0.5.0
a78a0bd9409db81bc98412adca3dce2d2720dfeb Merge pull request #510 from ipfs/0.5.0/changelog
2655bf47d2240b55066c891e86b37344cc1fa85e Changelog for v0.5.0
2d072d8b53fc5846026c91d39620e0f3d57b3450 Merge pull request #519 from ipfs/godocs
0c5de3a8498fc7e0c5ccb148450d04a26449c378 Add/improve godoc descriptions for some modules.
b9485626d14b0d9bcf76ac5e645269df2f2e4e97 Merge pull request #517 from ipfs/update/gx-versions
0764409a0a8ede343db3d9a9ac1d011b13d04704 Merge pull request #518 from ipfs/fix/status-output
5c4ebe75544e92c786d4e7bf841483afa172effd Small adjustment to "pin ls" human output in ctl.
cc1af872432700a15b25868e2089e6f2250f30c3 Gx-go 1.8.0 it's WAY faster.
2559655c8112158e94f1f5dc617476a539a764c0 gx publish 0.5.0-rc1
fa2ba13ae29c93c2ae444f7b9e9dd7faf129c6ee Release 0.5.0-rc1
d6e516b84aed6bf7d23b3b59a8b0e4802ebb1e61 Merge pull request #513 from ipfs/remove-go-ipfs-dep
0b60e330a3eaa9c0aa361028bba7056c93de582c Fix duplicate dep
b266ff2fbfc292c41b00bab45a5046689572b907 Merge pull request #514 from ipfs/fix/466-proxy-repo-stat
05102c13a032a334fa0819d5d49e50b6efa85662 AddParams: support "cid-version" and "hash" function.
f99c7933dd0b441987745d60f4e475db47fd6af7 Merge pull request #515 from ipfs/fix/webfile-gx
9c3826fdc5399a4588719338693f0bfa9844405a Use cmdkit WebFile.
2ffa3d80de1adbf3b9a396236860be03ee780747 Fix 466: Hijack repo/stat in the proxy and return aggregates from the cluster.
0b21a404e5425091bca4534a70be7406fe81448d Merge pull request #511 from ipfs/fix/pin-ls-check
d900ff8ff51cfee5908874d814d521ee971bfd4f Merge pull request #509 from ipfs/feat/client-add
20610293130c30c64af1809456206c60f0066164 Fix hanging add in sharness.
6c28d6bf3e5f3adaaa8a6d4608802e2a56174d43 Fix PinLsCid and pins with maxdepth 0 after migration
b6182e0621a504171502a162f7016a257786144c rest/client: Implement .Add(paths), which adds from local files and web files
63fa1ba213f030fea02154c3001cc1124ae45bd7 Merge pull request #505 from ipfs/fix/495-proxy-add
77df433c2d29ea6089d0c18b5027354d00fa304c Merge pull request #504 from ipfs/fix/pinls
8d3510e98a466c8a1609895be46c173f0cc27c52 Merge pull request #507 from ipfs/fix/fast-repo-stat
2f59eaf9665cc532d5c50ba298da7bc30ac9829d Merge pull request #503 from ipfs/fix/sharding-state-upgrade
5d991d651ba10130688aed3ec2eaaf5c01b5dd8c Merge pull request #508 from ipfs/feat/fix-testclusterspeerrejoin
be651da0d06110d302f92c796b5e11c89ff8238f Fix: disable KeepAlives in server
0709652d3866ed86a107a1f0d827a0236ff03074 Run sharness tests verbose
ff8476e9b7ac43be837f0dc952578b2c476ab693 Fix: TestClustersPeerRejoin was failing a lot since DHT feature.
00a757fc0b8d9eb24dd165704e323c49e20768cf Proxy/add: flush AddedOutput
b2914c2516ba492427ba6bf7bd7a2b5195e34521 Fix #495: Hijack proxy /add correctly.
eba96c3a26507a9fc39db1c74aafaf3acf402432 Merge branch 'feat/fix-testclusterspeerrejoin' into fix/pinls
5a0d4ed9a2a718809f416a3adabcdf5e7086170d Merge branch 'feat/fix-testclusterspeerrejoin' into fix/fast-repo-stat
c8e713134f036817f1077c5518d0af9d952853a3 Fix: TestClustersPeerRejoin was failing a lot since DHT feature.
ee8d7f70984156a26c0cb82d29d89de3bd0f1cf7 IPFSHttp: Add "size-only=true" flag to repo/stat calls
0f2a978bcd9718468a2546c77d19bce862d48fee Merge pull request #458 from ipfs/fix/340-races
e66a68dbef1d51909ceb7eb81d26fc7186004c19 State migrations for sharding
2e7e71d13f038394f204f33dda5756ec259dc4be IPFSPinLsCid should try to find pins in the direct pinset too.
5bbc699bb427c319733a4a625adf9a7c03bbaa7f Issue #340: Fix some data races
e86c2e6c597887e918555b60a4bdb5d56a8e293a Merge pull request #460 from ipfs/statelesstracker
949abb25f085eefb64931e6d9bab41a2053bee01 Align stateless tracker with sharding
10fa7a13b5349e139baa02ac7b3aa632ca5e9119 Allow selecting pintracker with ipfs-cluster-service
b8194143c2d2ba33389509d8d82767f322646b81 Test with stateless tracker. Make map tracker default for tests.
95683ac8f01caeacd06439e02a886c85d079ad5d Remove unreachable code
584f532bb1aaa752e45023d492da45829f8d8b0f Fix tests after rebase to master
c6eada9db506322f36cf06cd06ce8ba5b228322e uses new gorpc method to distinguish err type
33f56e886797743a6d18dcbca720fc630d810d21 stateless: reduce num of methods
bec77546cebc0b0e6933836eaa0d58831bb02940 optracker: fix complexity of filter fn
df2753dfc60ac998b5fb939827024d6f4b160b01 implements a stateless pintracker
505794707d3c2dee2a41f47f736d54cefc1157bd Merge pull request #484 from ipfs/feat/sharding-v1
df768b0b17d1598dbffff902348b224bfb2fb2dc Align go-libp2p-kad-dht version
1b8967aa4677b3063dcd6c1189a3cd7a00bca3a5 Merge branch 'master' into feat/sharding-v1
2675bf8040e58dd323932c85ed96cae90d31aafe Merge pull request #489 from ipfs/feat/dht
9baffd3d4f2214bee92b268c606a4872dd83a02c Merge pull request #498 from ipfs/fix/client-resolve-panic
f4455d37332af86cc69228a74104bf75fa71c9e4 Address comments
c1363f3ad95732db8e4bc0f6a4a8c9de6ae9990f rest/client: clarify comment about overriding ssl configs
522791df8dcf1903db223adbdd8fbbba913b79b6 Feat/rest/client: auto-handling of libp2p endpoints
f2dbd625a36e8cf41199e0266ebe8745cf2ba96d style
bbf707d61e10ad44c6452f29ae6b62a1a0a2fbd4 Fix allocations filter option
7b826a53357a499a18e22a3d17a613a9740197d2 Dependency upgrades
f707621a39b0de127280dd0583710d780089993a Allow to use adder only once
3c80169174603f855ea7253a73fd89bb960afb48 dag -> dgs
50fc3c4e951198a62d1b114244863d55c602660d Address comments from review
c2312cbb05145a299c0aca20776c551e4b438b62 Fix: close files. Close test files. Clean properly. Fix windows tests.
26cbecca4cc21da14b76ef56cab15f389f9eb85a Fix tests
031ff7183bf0e6a784c0a2c910fdc7c78d9cf676 Fix sharness
78b8f47c143515f250159a040b0145267e2faf21 Fix: Wrap-in-directory
e3834cf8ab8491afaf7b0253b0b0ef03d66036a6 Force-enable wrap-in-directory
1228d1cfc62f58537fa9d5f48d6eb099eae9b11d Golint and improved error messages
0151f5e312ddcc50763e7a2155e7cd4d2bd9a606 Fixes for adding: set default timeouts to 0. Improve flags and param names.
0ed14a4b39afc6d76d416ad398c54c6ef38d7be5 Adder: add context to add functions. Fix allocation everywhere. Helpers.
7460be32c40ebfe7a9e3108518a180a3b143238c Try more
fc2d7beacc0663b375593449017ab278d5968279 Try syncing test folders
5bb4d1a4bcd50fbbcf4990c6ae5b3b23ca28b9fa misc
87f4fcf9580dd4157c9ce67453605ec1a3e12a39 Make the adder modules ipld.DAGService modules.
e2e84dfad13707ee9553b59456715e0273b57233 Remove some commented code. Addressing a couple of comments.
585cc69eed20cb7010265defb65bcf9dec6a12f7 Put add endpoint in /add
6ffc8b8347c6a9c833d844f66766f0f457e90775 Update metrics regularly after a few blockputs
3575f057531e601969196684a4bae604b6b583ff Support adding Output (api.AddedOutput)
7ef7a8d1580239444c9e1958f9a54643b62e0a19 sync test files after creation
c81f61eeea6460f2156fb91e686ba4a52a61a52a Make sure sync and recover operations receive all cids in a clusterDAG.
8f1a15b279262aab8104f9f693916ee60fdb14cc Move adder.Params to api.AddParams. Re-use in other modules
7c08177d6fa6c52fd4f5f3623dae638b7fbe9887 Address some comments from lanzafame
0893f6960708667321ff8c0f395c3d1d4f473498 add fixme
16df90effcc85da5edd06716f8da8c86252584e6 reduce complexity
aa5589d0d8c4b3ff67b267bf412f7c266b90ae1d codeclimate
327a81b85a03c57fd29ec97e09bea2b3905ece38 golint govets
6b9000fe7bed68a2f1c113afb20e02bd539a85a9 Fix broken test
623120fd50634a12e9646d496f10ddc9f94daf8b Start cluster tests
65dc17a78bdb742683876ff7cca3f39830a1e6d5 testfixing
db9070e0cade16032543a1677221ec3657397272 Fix api tests
2bfc8e7c2e64bafdbdd5208c34f4f00a08cee8ad Fix restapi tests
ffd36afbb68fab16d162098a7b80c4cd0a62a5fe fix a few TODOs and FIXMEs
f8ff9883b0e65fe4e838b63d085f5a495065abf9 wip
9d89bda2a616b3b5386c5797570513afe80067ff wip
a96241941ef30d2f6435924398f1e27918bd19e8 WIP
68ec9316f7b430491704a907bc23da6c0fec804c Finish rebase of sharding branch. It builds!
463840bab3da99030413bf311724c96415fba552 more pin tests
ecec7c24b04c6d7149be22a196365ab3024ee91e new pin-test: sharded pins sharing a shard in cdag
433928d3dfe627c133115777da789ea698fa3774 addressing more feedback: validation of url params in restapi fileadd handler use --only-hashes in sharness to simplify cid parse
1c91a994928c8a9f00f6188a428f2d9827201b55 flag cleanup: silent flag removed for now quiet flag renamed 'only-hashes' and implemented
1adc409aa748277dd469f15e24324fe3681b10e3 refactor import_test
82facd36295bbd8748ed4c61e1c6e60aea56b4a9 fix for pinning same cid sharded and unsharded error
2bc295ca9f51f7006a0bcb11330442118d6953d8 address comments: rebase, cleanup and separate tests, AddParams type replaces map of strings
339532b5d1801687f8b3be48766d0595a745a13a tests up to date with rebase sharness tests added
fabf191883b2d6c8c064b6074917b6d2a962777a AddFile tests tests cover local and sharded adds of files ipfs mock and ipfs block put/get calls cleaned up
fc35bf449c5b29b9b0794fea168fa3e4b8bd967d testing directory generated during test deterministically sample bytes into files of different sizes reorganized hash storage for easy access from all subpacks import tests pass with new directory structure
c4d1b34810db9894d55a33e756a7c9eecfe8d7ad Tests to front end of adding pipeline api client test api test one sharness test refactoring of testingData for access from other packages always wrap files added by cluster remove unused flag 'progress' changes to support hidden flag
62eb45279b7e084d2bab4085b9d4b84d6a01982b addressing feedback
f7c3dcce5be0a63148972164a174e06bd3bf03f9 removing pointer across rpc instead add logic is a submodule imported in api and cluster comp
48479a0ca5507c387d4fd34c1cb32b71dd6725ad removing old code and fixing errors
170429533150f13770e29c0855757ed4bdc0052f Refactor add & general cleanup addFile function is now a Cluster method accessed by RPC residue from attempting to stream responses removed ipfs-cluster-ctl ls bug fixed problem with importer/add not printing resolved new test now checks for this
1c8c4604c19598a8ba7169aa6730fc121efe5cee fix sharder tests fixed obo error fix parent cid to be a set per new pin format finalize now works if there is not data to flush
32df2ce224e1b953deef079cbc021b1fb41a844d support for replication factors during sharding
dcafec24a59c68d5ee908b69bd31ebc1e94ddb16 New pin features added non-recursive cdag pins priority pins for shards to allocated peer cdag, meta and shard pin types used
238f3726f3a1252034cb76f78a529cbbbf6975fe Pin datastructure updated to support sharding
2d47e09d7c1f3865932feb6273108784c29015cf Resolving dep conflicts and small rebase inconsistancies
76f578d5b7b00bbd0b2cf571ad22cadac550aa63 fixing test data gitrepo now registers intended files also now testing hidden files
ada2ac4b501f27c147dfee2f9812d541a1179255 diagnosing test fail
6b8bcdfbc39d498bc58534f0f8384e26d5b56d20 Finishing feedback and adding new test
9f74f6f47d386198ce1b95ec852f03ed92cc5dcd Addressing third round of comments
163331d2c14d32479ae629d46b266074642cc64a add with '--shard' now also provides user output make check errors addressed fix importer tests
ae38d092085879f57c5a6887a13d6563ecd6be9d Beginning add UX improvements-- 1. Refactored importer endpoint, including writing cluster-specific file adder, to get print info from importer 2. Refactored importer consumption to select equally from channels of different output signals and manage context timeouts correctly (only in local add here, sharding to follow) 3. Added output streaming and an error/termination handling protocol 4. Discovered that naive eager response streaming cuts off reads from request data stream and breaks behavior, for now all responses come after file ingestion. 5. Added ipfs add style flags (trickle, rawleaves etc.) and refactored importer endpoint to take in these parameters to provide identicle behavior to ipfs
edb38b2830757534dec20ea97eed81354b4b29ac fixing make check errors
26c5003c3e38fdc8e42a08028db92c27f2956432 unit test for sharder indirect link nodes
86bfc917b9a4bb3d9050d8bb82a603f7e30063f5 sharder supports more links than can fit in ipfs block
92dff3462d1a1c9b7cf66dfaa8de9db69e7170eb Initial unit tests
504d08d06c528191d33fa897443b7edfe867e970 Addressing first round of comments
77a61890ff3f363a74696f33f7a4faa5fccefcf0 Sharding rough draft: sharding passes manual tests on single node cluster, adding the shards of a directory and pinning the clusterDAG to cluster/ipfs state
fa74bc230d8ffd0052f10ecc56dc079f5f2bac52 ipfs block put call now format aware
ef3b14941907b87721f7405eaaa90db781d52d92 sharding component rough draft: A sharder config provides a default shard size getAllocations calls newly exposed rpcs ipld cbor cluster dag node construction logic to handle Flushing final shard logic to initialize and finalize shard sessions
4a5a613d945f55ac677cccfba7f5c7da666df460 rpc call and config added
e78ccbf6f43b88899249a88cf67846e4641c698d Begin sharding component work: Write basic scaffolding to include a sharding component in cluster Sketch out a high level implementation in pseudo code Share thoughts on upcoming design challenges
11e8e9d62cd29a616f6b03384dedee6f0149d6e9 Addressing second round of comments
ceba32f8719a08f4f98ac1a4d3bb02d9a44e67c0 Test for ipfscon:blockPut
969633649181a844b2d1b04adf0eae000f93b2b4 addressing first round of feedback
205b61e768067420d2b9aad9517c8668a4dc0f28 add BlockPut to ipfs mock
d3bca1f02253ad4ca5e6ece6f53aecc6dcc305fd context cancellation on error
40f8eeedb5e59166d165f075d5d88902b09ad35f cluster-ctl add to ipfs RPC call to put a block in ipfs IPFSConnector method to implement the RPC call cluster restapi reads from channel and puts blocks into IPFS via RPC in ctl add handler
3e9b08ba60913c0690b9906599d996ccd7ec0962 Addressing second round of comments
0d6b2a42deb678f1de7e9cc33d8b38410b41ff9e addressing first round feedback
c12685a5188f4b7fce572ac19b975346124b1b6b Bring importer interface to cluster dependence on dex replaced with ipld-importer subpackage slight improvement to importer tests and formatting gx deps update: new raft, ipld format and ipfs added
029ee3454e6f9dc28e5737193acb121b937c82e1 addressing feedback
a73763b5fe6d93314cc6f0f3845a476dbf45b619 update to newest dex dep
65eb7b37750661520e952dc36a8729f52c76af8a printing importer works
4ce1958bf9573e037ca8a72415d0e55f6c6d5f8c update libp2p gx deps
20b81f9f3d4388063314b47f6f08cba2173bc21d calling into dex importer
a77f0fb3ee9bfa9bbdfdcc64430b6abeee269f4f adding dex as dependency
5725e34e3d7f9ba0fcb47d97be7d4ade252daf40 polishing up print on restapi
9025baa12a01b582e3e04833d6336f3c057dc4ce streaming bugs fixed dummy echo server implemented on cluster service api manual tests with files work wireshark examination shows transfer-encoding = chunked
9e3e42b19da6455996ab10283ca28abadeeff33f client streams files
9521885b6385148962224d09a3c4e3f1bf53c967 ipfs-cluster-ctl add
ac082929a9c04646d9e76006634e38571ab0a67e Merge pull request #492 from ipfs/doc/user-registry
173dd14f4b1c664df9c874d8187507b8a5f94ba0 Readme: add link to user registry form
d3d1f960f5d4823b6fbea4d472cf0984488e5bd6 Feat: Enable DHT-based peer discovery and routing for cluster peers
99aea7ba79c23c0efa9c13c5d14cf8dc1c33b774 Merge pull request #482 from ipfs/update/libp2p-6
df5544952a3346eaa23b55cfc8de1dbfbf9cc70a Update the libp2p dependency to version 6.0.5
8682780cdedd5ff4cdb17c6d0434cb9c784c36c4 Merge pull request #472 from Laevos/fix/traviscifork_1
5f3d95e51c71beadebf57c9cd1fdc0a1d0887ad5 remove env/secure section from travis yml
5100fe7b08851ce064f8ac67c527602e6cdea591 Fix #465: Remove unneeded repotoken from goveralls
ac989dcd7b05bfdee2c99e2cc1ece7c6c3be822f Merge pull request #469 from Laevos/feat/increaseStateSyncInterval
1b0eb8d27a1161c86be354bd26646ea2504df17d Fix #468: Increase StateSyncInterval to 10 minutes
6e760a72fdf6d63454cd0f9c4df4458a6f91b3e5 Merge pull request #464 from whilei/gofmt-2018-Jun-13-23-06
3c1bd32e8b111e164e39240bc4a36a60dce7c307 all: gofmt
1f51038d93ae94a26025bc140f8ad945aa7da467 Merge pull request #463 from ipfs/fix/462-dns-ipfs-api
78a25e38f8ec37338f9c8520126c57723201dbdb Fix #462: Support DNS multiaddresses for node_multiaddress
fa4ddca5d7e1bf2bac90b0c2ae44e3e7855ede36 Merge pull request #455 from ipfs/fix/api-consts
a668414609016de40af02ea081d4e14f0449d4c4 Merge pull request #456 from ipfs/gx/update-mudygh
a0b0b56529889c64593d4ef6d8072b9828b15038 gx: update go-libp2p
218ee0260ba07f503fb6adfdcf09ba2d8b46f6c9 Fix: API constants should explicit their type
f7b9fa53fd6b0c2e4fb7c41d7f8294757e286b1d Merge pull request #442 from ipfs/fix/412-template-for-issues
ab237ae5cc1fe027b6cf1763551b92636d2cdd6a Fix #412: Add an issue template
510ed23686829d62067c48056506a72f08e0e7a6 gx publish 0.4.0