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Made by icon. Project icon. #ipfs

The IPFS project has an ongoing, long-running ambition to create visual and interaction standards and patterns for working with IPFS that are ...

  • Simple: Present the big ideas of IPFS clearly, without unnecessary complexity
  • Accessible: Enable everyone to take advantage of what IPFS offers
  • Reusable: Offer compelling standards and atomic patterns to the community of IPFS builders
  • Beautiful: By their nature, things that are simple, accessible and reusable are also beautiful

IPFS GUI projects

Primary projects

At present, primary focus is on the three "helper" apps that provide a GUI for IPFS as a whole, in order to make them useful for seasoned IPFS developers while also offering a welcoming introduction to IPFS for those less experienced.

IPFS Companion IPFS Web UI IPFS Desktop
Browser extension for opening ipfs:// URLs, saving/sharing files, and more IPFS file manager and network explorer in your browser Launch and manage IPFS from a friendly, intuitive desktop app

For a more comprehensive overview of the resources that come together to build, support, and provide education around Web UI, Desktop, and Companion, please see the IPFS GUI Family Mental Model and our June 2020 user research report.

All projects

In addition to the apps above, IPFS GUIs can be considered to include aspects of all of the following repos:

Get involved!

Contribute to an issue

Contributions to IPFS GUIs are more than welcome! Each of the repos listed under "All projects" above makes use of the IPFS Project's global issue labeling scheme. Good labels to look for are ...

  • help wanted
  • good first issue
  • and there are even occasional bounty labels for issues with rewards as part of the IPFS Bounty Board!

If you see an issue that catches your eye, leave a comment so we know you're interested, and we'll go from there!

We're an open project and a friendly group, so please be nice and read the contributing guidelines when you're ready to jump in.

Discuss in GitHub or chat

For the sake of async communication, archiving, and searchability, we strongly encourage discussions to happen in the context of GitHub issue comments whenever practical.

For casual conversation, our official chat rooms in [Matrix[( and Discord are bridged, so you can join whichever you prefer. They can be used to ask questions and discuss with the community — however, while IPFS core developers are usually in these rooms, it can be hard to keep up with the running conversation and questions can be missed or disappear due to a lack of indexing.


If you're looking for high-level research or visual and brand info, these resources may be helpful.


This ipfs-gui repo is intended primarily as a higher-order planning and discussion space, so isn't actively maintained in and of itself; however, consult the readmes of the repos listed under "All projects" above for more specific maintainer info for individual projects.


Creating standards and patterns for IPFS that are simple, accessible, reusable, and beautiful



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