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The IPFS GUI Team - Making IPFS GUIs simple, accessible, reusable and beautiful.
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The meeting point for making great Graphical User Interfaces. - Issues in progress


Make the IPFS GUIs simple, accessible, reusable and beautiful.

  • Simple - Fight complexity at every step. There are big ideas in IPFS. Let's present them clearly.
  • Accessible - IPFS must be usable and comprehensible for everyone.
  • Reusable - Publish and promote this work. Make doing the right thing the easiest thing.
  • Beautiful - Demonstrate the nature of the system with effortless, coherent, and compelling interfaces.

IPFS GUI Projects

  • IPFS Web UI - Graphical IPFS file manager and network explorer.
  • IPFS Desktop - Launch and manage IPFS from your OS GUI.
  • IPFS Companion - Give your browser IPFS super powers.
  • IPFS CSS - Single-purpose css rules and font-face config to IPFS up your UI.
Web UI Desktop Companion


We are focused on rebuilding and shipping the new IPFS Web UI.

Once that is shipped we will be extracting what we have learned into a UI guidebook and a reusable component library. Then we'll be using those components to develop the next iteration of IPFS Desktop and IPFS Companion.



We want to make IPFS GUIs simple, accessible, reusable and beautiful. To do this, we’ll gather together a list of the features that appear in Desktop, Companion and WebUI, compare their implementations, and find consensus on the ideal way to offer up each concept to the users.

With that list agreed, we’ll then define the purpose and scope of each app, and how it’s feature set integrates with the other apps. We don’t want each app to duplicate the entire feature set of the others, but each app should have enough functionality to be useful in isolation. Each app has to work within different constraints. A desktop app has greater freedom in its implementation than a browser WebExtension. We’ll optimise each app to make best use of the resources available.

From there, we’ll design wireframes for each app, composing them from the list of ideal features, finding the UI/UX patterns that can be reproduced across the differing deployment environments. The goal here is not to force each app to be identical, but to come up with a common visual language, where the same feature looks familiar and behaves in a predictable way across all the apps, while the overall layout will be adapted to work best for the context. The frame may change, but the buttons will work the same.

See the IPFS GUI Project Description document for the original definition of this project.



  • IPFS Logo - repo - vector and raster logo assets
  • IPFS brand book - pdf - how to use the IPFS logo
  • IPFS UI kit - png - wip on a UI style guide
  • Web UI Wireframes - invision
  • Design Tools Research - google doc



In alphabetical order we are:

  • @akrych - UI designer and the Protocol illustration master
  • @andreforsousa - UX designer and UI Maestro
  • @alanshaw - Web UI & Companion dev - the window.ipfs wizard
  • @fsdiogo - Web UI & Companion dev - he fights for the users
  • @hacdias - Desktop lead dev and Web UI - the file manager mage
  • @lidel - Companion lead dev and original IPFS sage
  • @meiqimichelle - Advisor and User-centered design expert
  • @olizilla - Web UI lead dev and GUI team gardener

and you...


We figure things out in the open and coordinate via the issues on this repo. You can chat with us in irc in the #ipfs-gui channel on We're an open project and a friendly group, so be nice and read the contributing guidelines when you're ready to jump in.

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