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Contributing to IPFS

There are many ways to contribute to IPFS development. We welcome contributions big and small! We also have more extensive community contributing notes.

Help with the design

If you have a suggestion regarding the overall design of IPFS (or if find an error), please submit an issue.

This repository is a landing repository for IPFS in general, and where any big updates will be posted. If you have an error with an implementation, file an issue in the respective repository. If you have more questions about the abstracted design, you can also check specs.

Help with the implementations

Please contribute to the various implementations under development, or start another!

There are also many other repositories that are part of IPFS, listed in the project directory. Dive in and help out.

Help with spreading the word

Please tweet, email, tell everyone about this. IPFS will succeed only if many people use it and build on it.

Help in other ways

Email @jbenet directly if you'd like to help in other ways.