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Outline the Various Applications of IPFS, with Use Cases and Dependencies #230

flyingzumwalt opened this Issue Mar 17, 2017 · 7 comments


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flyingzumwalt commented Mar 17, 2017

For each of the applications of ipfs that we've made issues for provide an outline of:

  • use cases (very granular)
  • groupings of use cases (coarser, clearer)
  • which foundational features & functionality the use cases need or rely on (ie. libp2p, private networks, etc.) - this sources interdependence between feature sets
  • related products or projects that are addressing those use cases (ie. matrix working on p2p chat)
  • related organizations who either 1) have those use cases or 2) are building solutions for those use cases (ie. akasha, mediachain, openbazaar, neocities)


  • Emphasize specific, deliverable user experiences - not just merged, not just a demo. Actual user experiences.
  • If a use case relies on an underlying library, link to the repo on github
  • If a use case relies on features or functionality that haven't been implemented or released yet, make sure there is a github issue in the appropriate repo for that feature and link to that issue from the use case.

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empaempa commented May 9, 2017

Would be interesting to outline how a YouTube would work - especially statistics such as number of views, geo data and other relevant data for publishers.

(In my mind, you should be able to put out any piece of content and be able to watch how it's being consumed)


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DevonJames commented May 9, 2017


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empaempa commented May 9, 2017

Nice! Is it possible to capture views/downloads "server side" so to speak (obviously possibly in the playback client). I haven't found anything in the API about this...


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Beanow commented May 9, 2017

While similar to #246 Package Management. Software distribution in general is a prime candidate for IPFS I think. An IPFS based 3rd party Android store would be excellent. Or a good alternative to chrome apps. (See signalapp/Signal-Desktop#871 where secure code distribution is still unresolved) The main required properties would be simple to do.


  • Can publish APK files directly to IPFS as-is for the actual data.
  • Can use IPNS to update release info, app description, screenshots, etc. Which conveniently provides a form of code signing by extension.

App store service

  • Can provide a web app and native app using IPFS to navigate search indexes and app descriptions.
  • Can provide additional security by co-signing keys/releases (for example after a review process and/or automated malware scan), without having to duplicate any underlying data.
  • Can provide recovery procedures should developers lose the key to publish releases under.
  • Can seed relevant data and provide gateways.

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DevonJames commented May 9, 2017


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whyrusleeping commented May 10, 2017

These are great conversations to have, Can we try to move them to a more specifically relevant issue? This thread will get quite large and hard to follow otherwise


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deadlyicon commented Aug 12, 2018

@DevonJames got an updated link?

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