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@alanshaw alanshaw released this Nov 22, 2019 · 11 commits to master since this release

Code Refactoring




  • The log.tail method now returns an async iterator that yields log messages. Use it like:
    for await (const message of ipfs.log.tail()) {
  • The response to a call to log.level now returns an object that has camel cased keys. i.e. Message and Error properties have changed to message and error.
  • Dropped support for go-ipfs <= 0.4.4 in swarm.peers response.
  • The signature for ipfs.mount has changed from ipfs.mount([ipfsPath], [ipnsPath]) to ipfs.mount([options]). Where options is an optional object that may contain two boolean properties ipfsPath and ipnsPath. The response object has also changed to be camel case. See
  • Default ping count of 1 in client has been removed. The default ping count is now whatever the IPFS node defaults it to (currently 10). If you specifically need 1 ping message then please pass count: 1 in options for
  • Multi parameter constructor options are no longer supported. To create a new IPFS HTTP client, pass a single parameter to the constructor. The parameter can be one of:
    • String, formatted as one of:
    • Multiaddr instance
    • Object, in format of either:
      • Address and path e.g. { apiAddr: '/ip4/': apiPath: '/api/v0' } (Note: apiAddr can also be a string in URL form or a Multiaddr instance)
      • Node.js style address e.g. { host: '', port: 5001, protocol: 'http' }
  • Errors returned from request failures are now all HTTPErrors which carry a response property. This is a Response that can be used to inspect all information relating to the HTTP response. This means that the err.status or err.statusCode property should now be accessed via err.response.status.
  • files in src/files-regular have moved to src. The src/files-mfs directory has been renamed to src/files. If you were previously requiring files from these directories e.g. require('ipfs-http-client/src/files-regular/add') then please be aware that they have moved.
  • Kebab case options are no longer supported. Please use camel case option names as defined in the interface-ipfs-core docs. e.g. the allow-offline option to name.publish should be passed as allowOffline.
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