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JavaScript implementation of the UnixFs importer used by IPFS
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JavaScript implementation of the layout and chunking mechanisms used by IPFS to handle Files

Lead Maintainer

Alex Potsides

Table of Contents


> npm install ipfs-unixfs-importer



Let's create a little directory to import:

> cd /tmp
> mkdir foo
> echo 'hello' > foo/bar
> echo 'world' > foo/quux

And write the importing logic:

const importer = require('ipfs-unixfs-importer')

// Import path /tmp/foo/bar
const source = [{
  path: '/tmp/foo/bar',
  content: fs.createReadStream(file)
}, {
  path: '/tmp/foo/quxx',
  content: fs.createReadStream(file2)

// You need to create and pass an ipld-resolve instance
for await (const entry of importer(source, ipld, options)) {

When run, metadata about DAGNodes in the created tree is printed until the root:

  cid: CID, // see
  path: 'tmp/foo/bar',
  unixfs: UnixFS // see
  cid: CID, // see
  path: 'tmp/foo/quxx',
  unixfs: UnixFS // see
  cid: CID, // see
  path: 'tmp/foo',
  unixfs: UnixFS // see
  cid: CID, // see
  path: 'tmp',
  unixfs: UnixFS // see


const importer = require('ipfs-unixfs-importer')

const import = importer(source, ipld [, options])

The import function returns an async iterator takes a source async iterator that yields objects of the form:

  path: 'a name',
  content: (Buffer or iterator emitting Buffers)

import will output file info objects as files get stored in IPFS. When stats on a node are emitted they are guaranteed to have been written.

ipld is an instance of the IPLD Resolver or the js-ipfs dag api

The input's file paths and directory structure will be preserved in the dag-pb created nodes.

options is an JavaScript option that might include the following keys:

  • wrap (boolean, defaults to false): if true, a wrapping node will be created
  • shardSplitThreshold (positive integer, defaults to 1000): the number of directory entries above which we decide to use a sharding directory builder (instead of the default flat one)
  • chunker (string, defaults to "fixed"): the chunking strategy. Supports:
    • fixed
    • rabin
  • chunkerOptions (object, optional): the options for the chunker. Defaults to an object with the following properties:
    • avgChunkSize (positive integer, defaults to 262144): the average chunk size (rabin chunker only)
    • minChunkSize (positive integer): the minimum chunk size (rabin chunker only)
    • maxChunkSize (positive integer, defaults to 262144): the maximum chunk size
  • strategy (string, defaults to "balanced"): the DAG builder strategy name. Supports:
    • flat: flat list of chunks
    • balanced: builds a balanced tree
    • trickle: builds a trickle tree
  • maxChildrenPerNode (positive integer, defaults to 174): the maximum children per node for the balanced and trickle DAG builder strategies
  • layerRepeat (positive integer, defaults to 4): (only applicable to the trickle DAG builder strategy). The maximum repetition of parent nodes for each layer of the tree.
  • reduceSingleLeafToSelf (boolean, defaults to true): optimization for, when reducing a set of nodes with one node, reduce it to that node.
  • dirBuilder (object): the options for the directory builder
    • hamt (object): the options for the HAMT sharded directory builder
      • bits (positive integer, defaults to 8): the number of bits at each bucket of the HAMT
  • progress (function): a function that will be called with the byte length of chunks as a file is added to ipfs.
  • onlyHash (boolean, defaults to false): Only chunk and hash - do not write to disk
  • hashAlg (string): multihash hashing algorithm to use
  • cidVersion (integer, default 0): the CID version to use when storing the data (storage keys are based on the CID, including it's version)
  • rawLeaves (boolean, defaults to false): When a file would span multiple DAGNodes, if this is true the leaf nodes will not be wrapped in UnixFS protobufs and will instead contain the raw file bytes
  • leafType (string, defaults to 'file') what type of UnixFS node leaves should be - can be 'file' or 'raw' (ignored when rawLeaves is true)


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.



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