@diasdavid diasdavid released this May 29, 2018 · 156 commits to master since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • Add ipfs path to cli help (64c3bfb)
  • change ^ to ~ on 0.x.x deps (#1345) (de95989)
  • change default config from JSON file to JS module to prevent having it doubly used (#1324) (c3d2d1e), closes #1316
  • changes peer prop in return value from swarm.peers to be a PeerId (#1252) (e174866)
  • configure webpack to not use esmodules in dependencies (4486acc)
  • Display error when using unkown cli option (a849d2f)
  • docker init script sed in non existent file (#1246) (75d47c3)
  • files.add with pull streams (0e601a7)
  • make pubsub.unsubscribe async and alter pubsub.subscribe signature (a115829)
  • remove unused var (#1273) (c1e8db1)
  • typo (#1367) (2679129)
  • use async/setImmediate vs process.nextTick (af55608)


  • .stats.bw* - Bandwidth Stats (#1230) (9694925)
  • add ability to files.cat with a cid instance (2e332c8)
  • Add support for specifying hash algorithms in files.add (a2954cb)
  • allow dht to be enabled via cli arg (#1340) (7bb838f)
  • Allows for byte offsets when using ipfs.files.cat and friends to request slices of files (a93971a)
  • Circuit Relay (#1063) (f7eaa43)
  • cli: add IPFS_PATH info to init command help (#1274) (e189b72)
  • handle SIGHUP (7a817cf)
  • ipfs.ping cli, http-api and core (#1342) (b8171b1)
  • jsipfs add --only-hash (#1233) (#1266) (bddc5b4)
  • Provide access to bundled libraries when in browser (#1297) (4905c2d)
  • use class-is for type checks (5b2cf8c)
  • wrap with directory (#1329) (47285a7)

Performance Improvements

  • cli: load only sub-system modules and inline require ipfs (3820be0)


  1. Argument order for pubsub.subscribe has changed:
    • Old: pubsub.subscribe(topic, [options], handler, [callback]): Promise
    • New: pubsub.subscribe(topic, handler, [options], [callback]): Promise
  2. The pubsub.unsubscribe method has become async meaning that it now takes a callback or returns a promise:
    • Old: pubsub.unsubscribe(topic, handler): undefined
    • New: pubsub.unsubscribe(topic, handler, [callback]): Promise
  3. Property names on response objects for ping are now lowered:
    • Old: { Success, Time, Text }
    • New: { success, time, text }
  4. In the CLI, jsipfs object data no longer returns a newline after the end of the returned data