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@alanshaw alanshaw released this Nov 1, 2018 · 242 commits to master since this release

🔦 Highlights

🕹 Web UI 2.0

The IPFS Web UI has been given a HUGE revamp and is now 10x, no, 100x better than before! 😄

  • Check the status of your node, it's Peer ID and connection info, the network traffic and the number of connected peers
  • Easily manage files in your IPFS repo. You can drag and drop to add files, move and rename them, delete, share or download them
  • You can explore IPLD data that underpins how IPFS works
  • See all of your connected peers, geolocated by their IP address
  • Review the settings for your IPFS node, and update them to better suit your needs

Screenshot of the status page

Files Explore Peers Settings
Screenshot of the file browser page Screenshot of the IPLD explorer page Screenshot of the swarm peers map Screenshot of the settings page

🛠 CID tool

A command line tool for converting, formatting and discovering properties of CIDs.

In the near future IPFS will be switching it's default CID version for added content to version 1 and will use base 32 encoding for serialized CIDs. This tool gives you the power to inspect and learn about CIDs as well as convert any CIDs you've been using from whatever base they're encoded in to a different base!

🏗 API Changes

  • Added CLI command ipfs cid [sub-command]
  • ipfs.types.dagCBOR and ipfs.types.dagPB have been removed
  • dag-cbor nodes retrieved from ipfs.dag.get now represent links as CID instances not {"/": "base-encoded-cid"} objects
    • See #1668 for more information
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