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Local Offline Collaboration Special Interest Group
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Local Offline Collaboration (Locol) Special Interest Group

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User research, collaborations, and features to make the knowledge and tools on the internet accessible and useful on partitioned, low-bandwidth, or intermittant networks.

Table of Contents


The IPFS Local Offline Collaboration (Locol) Special Interest Group is focused on understanding the challenges of users in offline or async networks, collaborating with partners serving those users, and prototyping solutions to understand how to make IPFS more useful for local offline collaboration.

Responsibilities include:

  • Participate in communities like Offline First
  • Conduct user research around offline and local-first use cases, communities, and best practices
  • Support collaborations between IPFS and community members who are building tools for peer-to-peer sharing and collaboration in local/offline networks
  • Research and prototype applications that utilize IPFS for local-first collaboration and resilient offline usage


  • Molly - Offline enthusiast and user researcher
  • Teri - Offline Camp Organizer and OfflineFirst expert

The Locol SIG is actively looking for more participants! Follow the issues for regular gatherings to discuss local and offline use cases, challenges, and ongoing work - or create a new issue with your ideas and research!


Molly Mackinlay


All documents are licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license © 2016 Protocol Labs Inc. Any code is under an MIT license.

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