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install go-ipfs from npm
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install go-ipfs from npm

Table of Contents


Install the latest go-ipfs binary.

npm install -g go-ipfs

Installs from


# Install globally
> npm install -g go-ipfs
> ipfs version
ipfs version v0.4.22

# Install locally
> npm install go-ipfs
> ./node_modules/.bin/ipfs
ipfs version v0.4.22

See IPFS getting-started. If anything goes wrong, try using:

Warning: this module uses the latest version of ipfs. If there is a strong need to vendor an older version, let us know. We care about versions very much :( but for a number of reasons, this is easier for us all right now.


Warning: the file bin/ipfs is a placeholder, when downloading stuff, it gets replaced. so if you run node install.js it will then be dirty in the git repo. Do not commit this file, as then you would be commiting a big binary and publishing it to npm. (TODO: add a pre-commit or pre-publish hook that warns about this)

Publish a new version

You should be able to just run ./ for example:

> ./
usage ./ <version>
publish a version of go-ipfs to npm

> ./ 0.3.11

This will:

Open an issue in the repo if you run into trouble.

Publish a new version of this module with exact same go-ipfs version

If some problem happens, and you need to publish a new version of this module targetting the same go-ipfs version, then please follow this convention:

  1. Clean up bad stuff: unpublish all modules with this exact same <go-ipfs-version>
  2. Add a "hacky" version suffix: use version: <go-ipfs-version>-hacky<num>
  3. Publish version: publish the module. Since it's the only one with the go-ipfs version, then it should be installed.

Why do this?

Well, if you previously published npm module go-ipfs@0.4.0 and there was a problem, we now must publish a different version, but we want to keep the version number the same. so the strategy is to publish as go-ipfs@0.4.0-hacky1, and unpublish go-ipfs@0.4.0.

Why -hacky<num>?

Because it is unlikely to be a legitimate go-ipfs version, and we want to support go-ipfs versions like floodsub-1 etc.

Do i have to say -hacky<num> or can i just use -<num>?

-<num> won't work, as link-ipfs.js expects -hacky<num>. If you want to change the convention, go for it, and update this readme accordingly.


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.



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