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The IPFS Project Working Group
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IPFS Project Working Group

The IPFS Project Working Group serves as the point of coordination for the IPFS Organization.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain the IPFS Project Roadmap and Vision.
  • Provide coaching to Working Groups to develop their own planning and goal-setting.
  • Facilitate communication and alignment accross the organization.
  • Research, develop and build new ways to help async teams coordinate at scale.
  • Recognize needs of the project and develop solutions to meet them.

See our current work-in-progress through our quarterly OKRs


Throughput Graph

Weekly Sync

This group meets every Tuesday at 5pm UTC. The call is listed on the IPFS Community Calendar.


In alphabetical order we are:

  • Arkadiy Kukarkin - IPFS Collaborations Manager
  • David Dias - Project WG captain and IPFS lead maintainer
  • Michelle Hertzfeld - Project WG member and user-centered design expert
  • Molly Mackinlay - Project WG member and product management specialist
  • Oliver Evans - Project WG member and GUI team captain
  • [all IPFS wg captains] - Advisors and key stakeholders

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