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IPFS Public Gateway Checker

A site displaying public IPFS gateways and their online/offline status.

View the Public Gateway Checker in action

Screenshot of Public Gateway Checker


  • The list contains gateways operated by various parties, coordinated by loose mutual consensus, without a central governing authority. Protocol Labs operates and is responsible for only two of the listed gateways: and
  • Gateways without origin isolation will be marked with ⚠️, indicating they are not safe for use cases that require private local storage of data or credentials. Learn more.

Adding a new public gateway

If you'd like to add a new public gateway, please edit ./gateways.json:

  1. Add the gateway's address to the top of the list
  2. If you care about security of websites loaded via your gateway, make sure it is set up as a subdomain gateway. See config docs and recipes for go-ipfs, and learn more here.

Then, submit a pull request for this change. Be sure to follow all the directions in the pull request template so your PR can be triaged as quickly as possible.

Testing locally

npm ci
npm run build
npm start