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Decentralized Data Stewardship Working Group 2019 Roadmap

TODO: Descoping to focus on 📦 Package Managers as main 2019 Priority

🚀 Major 2019 Goals

The DDS WG is proposing to own the discovery, design, and development of Cube, a product that helps people own and manage their own pinning service (see draft proposal here). If we get a team to do this, it will allow us deliver a number of the declared 2019 IPFS priorities in ways that are driven by proper user-driven design and well-planned engineering efforts. This is the primary contribution that we would like to make for the benefit of the entire IPFS Project. Meanwhile, we’re going to spin up the Preserving the Public Records events, maintain our partnerships, and help spin up a design team.

  • 🗂 🔄 Product: Cube. Create a product that makes it easy for people to run their own pinning service and manage it. We will do this by creating agile teams around one or several products that iteratively solve complete, basic service journeys for managing large volumes of data on the distributed web. Collaborate closely with IPFS Cluster and Filecoin teams (see also IPFS Cluster and IPFS GUI). Relevant to the Large files and Decentralized Web 2019 IPFS Priorities.
  • 🔄 Events: Preserving the Public Record. launch a series of grassroots events around the world focused on addressing questions of what it means to create and preserve a public record. Relevant to the Decentralized Web 2019 IPFS Priority.
  • 🤝 Partnerships: Data Together. Build on existing work and open new collaborations to broaden the coalition of institutions, companies, and people who are using DDS tools to solve real problems in the world. We intend to especially focus on GLAM institutions and global-scope organizations with social benefit missions. Relevant to the Partner Use Cases 2019 IPFS Priority.

💎 Milestones

We are using an agile approach, so we’re not putting these in a waterfall-style Gantt chart of milestones. Instead, we’re listing them in order of operations for each objective.


  • M (PX): Complete Cube Discovery Process: (6-8 weeks from Cube team formation) User discovery in the product space with a team of 2 or 3. This will result in clear scope and illustrated user journeys for a product that helps people run and manage their own pinning service. Techniques might include:
    • Desktop research
    • User interviews
    • Competitive analysis
    • Workshops
  • M (PX): Complete Cube MVP Design and Build: (3 months from end of Cube Discovery phase) Prototype one complete piece of a user journey with a team of 3 or 4. We will choose to build the piece that will let us learn the most and test our riskiest product assumptions with target audiences. Techniques might include:
    • Paper prototypes
    • Click-thru prototypes
    • Full-build prototypes
    • Demos every six weeks Sprint-based build cycles, each with usability testing
  • M (PX): Complete Cube Public Beta Design and Build: (3 months from end of Cube MVP phase) We will continue iterating through a public beta, with the goal of a launch at the end of this phase. Techniques might include:
    • Full-build prototypes
    • Continuing sprint-based build cycles, each with usability testing
    • Demos every six weeks

Preserving the Public Record

These Milestones are prefaced on the expectation that we will succeed at forming a team to lead the grassroots events. Once that team has formed, they will set their exact timeline of milestones. (Note: If this team doesn’t form, we can still work with PL Events team to run the High-Profile Event)

  • M (PX):(Q1) Form Team to Convene and Lead the Preserving the Public Record events
  • M (PX): Announce the Preserving the Public Record Project
    • Publish Manifesto
    • Call for Participation, Identify Participating Groups
  • M (PX): Convene the first set of Parallel Preserving the Public Record Grassroots Events
    • Focus: What is the Public Record? Whose Public Record? What are the threats to its preservation?
    • Produce Facilitators Materials for first events
    • Lock in venues for all participating locations
    • Arrange for info capture and distribution across participating locations
    • Event signup sites go live
    • Publicize the events
    • Run the events
    • Publish outputs
  • M (PX): Convene the second set of Parallel Preserving the Public Record Grassroots Events
    • Focus: Designing for ongoing participatory process of preserving the public record, nominating topics and key participants for high-profile event
  • M (PX): (Q4 or early 2020) Host High-Profile Event: Preserving the Public Record
    • Focus on Increasing Awareness and Spurring new Participation by Depicting the Ongoing Conversation, Debate and Design Process
    • High Production Quality, Emphasize capturing and disseminating high-quality A/V content, with polished presentations and group discussions
    • Begin designing the next round of events (Stewarding the Public Record)


We don’t have specific milestones for any of our existing DDS partnerships. Milestones will arise as those partnerships evolve throughout 2019.

In support of Large Files 2019 Priority, we are able to arrange collaboration with existing partners to outline the use cases for transferring, replicating, signing and validating large files (ie. raw video) and start design/development process for building tools to support it,

Examples of other milestones we expect to happen for DDS Partnerships in 2019:

  • Load Partner data into the Underlay
  • Get Partner data loaded onto IPFS Infrastructure and supported well
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