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IPFS GUI Working Group Roadmap 2019

TODO: Descoping to focus on 📦 Package Managers as main 2019 Priority

Build intuitive and accessible user-interfaces for IPFS We want the IPFS apps to support the endeavours of all the working groups, so please add your comments and suggestions to this document.


  • Fight complexity at every step.
  • IPFS must be usable and comprehensible for everyone.
  • Publish and promote this work. Make doing the right thing the easiest thing.
  • Demonstrate the nature of the system with effortless, coherent, and compelling interfaces.

Current Projects

  • IPFS GUI - Team coordination point
  • IPFS Web UI - Graphical IPFS file manager and network explorer.
  • IPFS Desktop - Launch and manage IPFS from your OS GUI.
  • IPFS Companion - Give your browser IPFS super powers.
  • IPFS CSS - Single-purpose css rules and font-face config to IPFS up your UI.
  • IPFS UI Style Guide - The guide for for UI design in the IPFS universe.
  • IPFS Share Files - Share Files via IPFS

🚀 Major 2019 Goals

  • Co-hosting datasets, publishing to the dweb and sharing files via IPFS is intuitive for casual users. (Overlap with Community & Data Stewardship)
  • Grow the community of users and contributors (reusable components, reliable, stable release velocity, proactive maintenance, seek input, contributions welcome)
  • Bootstrap an IPFS Design team that leads the way on human-centered design for cryptography and decentralized apps. (See: design is the killer app for crypto)

💎 Milestones

🗂 Large files

  • M (P0) - Web UI File browser can render a view over a dir listing with 1 million entries (npm has 831,352 modules at time of writing)
  • M (P0) - WebUI can show information about a swarm of 100,000 peers without taxing the system or the daemon (requires streamable API for watching for change over time)
  • M (P0) - We have informative file transfer progress visualisations, that show the work being done by a community of peers, rather than a spinner or progress bar.
  • M (P1) - There is a Web UI for Cluster, tailored for the needs of large organisations.
  • M (P1) - There is a great IPFS app for local / small office / high trust file-sharing. (no auth / identity dependency) with customisable sharing pages for offering access to specific files

🔄 Decentralized Web

  • We share all our content via IPFS

    • M (P0) - There is an app for creating, editing, and hosting websites on IPFS
    • M (P1) - There is a mechanism for opt-in, anonymous, decentralised, usage analytics.
    • M (P1) - 1 million files are transferred via
  • The dweb web is personal and customizable

    • M (PX) - Peers can identify friends on the network with named nodes and avatars.
    • M (PX) - Our apps allow you to connect to specific peers and set up shared directories
    • M (PX) - Peers can set up ad-hoc reciprocal hosting with friends. (IPFS social graph / have your followers "sympathetically" rehost it automatically)

🧠 Strategic Projects

  • M (PX) - IPFS network metrics dashboard visualising public network swarm size over time and CID req/s throughput on from the gateways, number and health of co-operating public gateways.
  • M (PX) - Create apps to support decision making and collaboration between IPFS working groups as we grow.
  • M (PX) - Help build a community around design for cryptography and decentralization. Collaborate on the design challenges and establish and iterate on human-centered design guidelines.
  • M (PX) - Publish a guidebook of concepts and design patterns for decentralised apps.


  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q4
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