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IPFS Infrastructure Working Group 2019 Roadmap

The IPFS Infrastructure Working Group supports infra tooling and systems for the IPFS Organization.

Responsibilities include:

  • Manage and maintain the IPFS HTTP Gateway.
  • Manage and maintain the IPFS Bootstrapper nodes.
  • Manage and maintain the IPFS Preload nodes
  • Manage and maintain the IPFS pinning service, pinbot.
  • Monitor services and hosts used by the IPFS dev teams.
  • Provide wisdom to other users that want to host IPFS nodes.

Current Projects

  • Gateway maintenance/redeployment
  • js preload/bootstrapper redeployment
  • CI prototyping for js-ipfs
  • kubernetes cluster standup for ipfs-cluster

Major 2019 goals to achieve

    1. Each Package Management system implemented is supported by infra team as a 24/7 production service
    • ensures ease of adoption for our end users to use the management systems we provide via IPFS
    1. IPFS teams have the performance testing environments needed
    • aids dev teams in iterating through protocol changes quickly and safely
    1. Support teams with an interface to track project KPIs
    • provides visibility and tracking on progress for essential project KPIs


  • M (P?): performance testing environment is available to all IPFS working groups 🗂 🔄 🤝 🧠 📦
    • work between dev and infra to design & implement testing environment
  • M (P1): migrate gateway to 🔄
  • M (P2): gateway is implemented in a way to discourage long term dependency on IPFS centralized services 🔄
  • M (P?+1): support npm-on-ipfs infra needs 📦
  • M (P?+2): support any additional ipfs-run services 📦
    • team of at least 4 engineers (2 ??? and 2 infra) designs & implements
    • production service SLA is designed and implemented
      • required specs: performance, uptime, monitoring, alerting, update workflow, oncall needs, etc.


  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q4

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