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IPFS in Web Browsers - Roadmap 2019

TODO: Descoping to focus on 📦 Package Managers as main 2019 Priority

Bringing IPFS support to Web Browsers


Browser Users - Browser extension exposes IPFS features in a robust and intuitive form
Web Developers - Ensure smooth experience for web developers in browser contexts
Browser Vendors - Browser developers are addressing requirements of the distributed web

Current Projects

🚀 Major 2019 Goals

  1. Push forward new web standards for decentralized web
  2. Remove obstacles from using IPFS in Web Applications and make the whole experience feel trivial
  3. Incentivize users to install and use IPFS Companion.

💎 Milestones

🔄 Decentralized Web


  • M(P0) Base32 CIDv1 is the default and can be used as authority in URLs
  • M(P0) Drop-in API Provider library is the default way of integrating IPFS with web apps and browser extensions
  • M(P0) HTTP/WS /api/v1/ with proper access controls exists
  • M(P1) Docs or guidebook of developer best practices for writing decentralised web apps exists.
  • M(PX) It is possible to verify integrity of HTTP Gateway Responses
  • M(PX) URIs are officially registered (IANA etc)


  • M(P1) Having IPFS Companion installed is enough to create and publish a website on IPFS
  • M(PX) A complete snapshot of a web page can be saved to IPFS and shared with one click

🗂 Large files


  • M(P1) IPFS Companion enables real-time, bidirectional file sharing between two or more people over the internet
  • M(P1) IPFS Companion enables ad-hoc transfer between two people over local network

📦 Package managers


  • M(P1) Free and Open IPFS-powered CDN for JS libs exists

🧠 Strategic Projects

  • M(P0) Collaboration on libdweb results in landing vital APIs into Firefox
  • M(P0) IPFS is a viable distribution channel for Signed HTTP Exchanges
  • M(P0) Brave browser ships with embedded IPFS
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