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May 13th IPFS Weekly Call #973

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May 13th IPFS Weekly Call

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Protocol Labs
Protocol Labs committed May 13, 2019
commit 177c36d836cdcc8171a6f0ef0dd2fa41d4748273
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# IPFS All Hands Call May 13, 2019

- **Moderator:** @pkafei
- **Notetaker:** @jessicaschilling
- **Attendees:**

- _@alanshaw_
- _@jaycarpenter_
- _@chrismatthieu_
- _@jacobheun_
- _@jessicaschilling_
- _@terichadbourne_
- _@olizilla_
- _Jaile Dai_
- _@pkafei_
- _@daviddias_
- _Edoo_
- _Matt Ober_
- _@eronne_
- _Dietrich Ayala_
- _attendee names..._

**Moderator checklist**

- Ensure that there is a notetaker
- Start recording
- Call for additional agenda items



- @terichadbourne - Applications for the first-ever[IPFS Camp]( (Barcelona, Spain, June 27-30) are due this Friday, May 17.
- @terichadbourne -[Offline Camp]( (Grants Pass, Oregon, USA, August 2-5), a tech retreat about Offline First development and design, is accepting applications, with a Super Early Bird discount expiring this Friday, May 17.
- DWEB summit is coming up in July! Details: <>

**Presenter: JialeDai**

Presentation:IPFS Developers Development in China

Slides: https&#x3A;//


_General discussions, decisions, etc._

- (&lt;your_name>, )


_Show your work!_

**Q&A, Help Wanted**

_Ask questions, get answers. Announce issues that need help, get people to help._


- Contributor office hours are happening and they’re great. You should attend! Details here for next week’s call:<>
- Deadline time for both[IPFS Camp]( and[Offline Camp!]( They’re THIS Friday, May 17.
- DWEB summit is coming up in July! Details:<>
- May 27: This meeting will be lightning talks! Do you want a five-minute slot to be on this call to share your research, projects etc? Watch this space to have the chance to sign up --**slots will open up five minutes before the call starts, so get in there!**
- Today’s talk is from Jiale Dai, on the overall IPFS community in China.[See his slides here.](

- Formerly of Baidu
- Now he’s working on Fintech and edge computing solutions for business
- Find him at [](
- Has been self-learning about IPFS technologies, organizing meetups and writing documentation on working with IPFS
- IPFS Developers Meetup in China -- including links to individual topic presentations in Jiale’s deck

- held the first one in April 2018 in Beijing; 15 people attended and talked about IPFS on the Chinese CDN market, how to use ngrok to build IPFS gateway, references on IPFS and the ontology blockchain
- Second was May 2018 and had 50+ people at bCamp in Beijing, featuring a lot of development pros. Topics: re-encryption to protect your data in IPFS network, architecture of IPFS, why EOS needs a DSN like IPFS, gateways and service workers
- Third was August 2018 and had 100+ people at a business incubator at ZOL in Beijing. Topics: if IPFS can be combined with Solid, what libp2p is and how it works, what Filecoin is and what it’s built for

- Chinese contributions to IPFS …

- Community co-organization: enthusiasts, minors, developers, investors, users
- Education sector: technical training teachers and bloggers
- Open source code community: tech companies and independent developers -- note that this is the smallest cohort in China
- Beijing, Hanzhou, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chengdu all have IPFS contingents
- Today there are thousands of IPFS blog entries made by hundreds of chinese bloggers all over the main Chinese network media

- ProtoSchool in China is an important thing!
- Kevin Wong (@kk3wong) started an IPFS workshop at Hong Kong Baptist University
- Getting more and more Chinese independent developers’ contributions on IPFS GitHub -- plus tech company contributions (contrib list from
- Some of Jiale’s work:

- IPFS-MD wiki, a distributed wiki system with IPFS and markdown
- Maze: an end-to-end encryption network box with libp2p: secure encryption, fast transfers
- The Angel: a donation platform with IPFS and EOS. All donations are subject to EOS contracts

- Jiale’s advice on IPFS and filecoin development in China

- Key question: Can we find out more befitting business models for Chinese companies or enthusiasts?
- Example: mining is a clear business model
- With further development of ProtoSchool and public launch of filecoin, this will happen to some degree on its own, but benefit as well from finding some specific business models/benefits
- Ideas:

- Make professional education business and official certificates available: this implies something more official and therefore of better business benefit
- Hackathon with PL technologies in China
- More official community events in Chinese language

- Q&A time with Jiale

- What do you see as biggest questions for IPFS newcomers?

- Generally regarding filecoin and how IPFS can decentralize the Web

- How can we help? more documentation translations? More demos? What does your community need in order to grow?

- ProtoSchool is a great start. Would be even better if there was more official IPFS communications and tutorials in Chinese -- the Chinese dev community can potentially help translate ProtoSchool materials but having official comms in Chinese would be hugely beneficial

- Any concerns that the Chinese Government will attempt to restrict access to the IPFS network?

- Yes. Many Chinese developers are concerned about this. IPFS can be blocked by the Great Firewall but we need solutions.

- Not using the gateway or DNS, or shifting port numbers --would that help?

- Yes,the gateway like []( domain name was blocked by the great wall, but the UDP/TCP transaction layer was not blocked now . The solution we need is for the situation that what if the great wall want to block this transaction layer later... I haven't try out that
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