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docs: update team roster

@daviddias is not actively allocating time at the moment
@hacdias will come back to contribute back in July :)
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daviddias committed Mar 3, 2020
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@@ -72,9 +72,7 @@ The current Testground Team is composed of:
- @raulk - Tech Lead, Lead Software Engineer
- @nonsense - Software Engineer, Testground as a Service / Infrastructure Lead
- @Robmat05 - [Technical Project Manager (TPM)](
- @hacdias - Software Engineer
- @coryschwartz - Software Engineer
- @daviddias - Software Engineer
- you! Yes, you can contribute as well, however, do understand that this is a brand new and fast moving project and so contributing might require extra time to onboard

To learn how this team works together read [HOW_WE_WORK](./docs/

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