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@nonsense nonsense released this Feb 5, 2020 · 61 commits to master since this release

Highlighted v0.1.0 features

  • Ability to run test plans ranging from 1-1000 nodes locally (executables and Docker), and/or on a cluster (Kubernetes).
  • Ability to compile test plans into Docker images (compatible with the local:docker and cluster:k8s runners), and into executables (local:exec, for rapid prototyping and iteration).
  • Compiling test plans against specific upstream dependencies (e.g. kad-dht v0.3, or commit 1a2b3c).
  • Network traffic shaping: simulating latencies, bandwidths, and connectedness.
  • Redis-backed sync API to coordinate and choreograph distributed test workloads.
  • Compositions: executing test runs with groups of instances built against different upstreams (e.g. 500 instances against go-ipfs v0.4.23, 250 instances against master, 250 against commit 42a0b1, with params X=1, Y=2).
  • Storage of test outputs and metrics locally, and on S3.
  • With a single command, collect all outputs from all instances from a given run, no matter the runner (local:exec, local:docker, cluster:k8s), into a ZIP file for analysis.
  • One-click bootstrapping of your own experimental Kubernetes cluster on AWS.

Thanks 🙌

Thanks to all the contributors that made this huge milestone happen: @raulk, @nonsense, @daviddias, @hacdias, @Stebalien, @dirkmc, @aschmahmann, @jimpick, as well as all the new folks who started helping out recently: @coryschwartz, @gmasgras, @yusefnapora, and others. ❤️

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Feb 5, 2020
release/0.1.0: update go.mod files.
Feb 5, 2020
use folder with index name ; sidecar should not logs to /outputs ; to…
…Net should not panic (#471)
Feb 5, 2020
release/0.1.0: update go.mod files.
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