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Dashboards on Testground

Testground has grafana!

Get access to the grafana dashboard from your k8s cluster.

Prometheus and Grafana are running in the monitoring kubernetes namespace. Get access to grafana locally and direct your web browser to http://localhost:3000

kubectl -n monitoring port-forward service/grafana 3000:3000

xdg-open http://localhost:3000 || open http://localhost:3000

Log in and change your password in the UI.

Temporary dashboards

Any dashboard you create for yourself remains local to your copy of grafana. If you destroy your k8s cluster, you will destroy the kubernetes dashboard as well. That's no good! Once you have your dashboard just the way you like it, share it with the rest of the testground users by backing it up into this dashboards directory!

Saving a dashboard to git, for all to enjoy.

  1. Tag your dashboard with the testground tag.
    • If you have additional useful tags, you can add those as well.
  2. Run the dashboard code (in this directory)
$ go run main.go


$ go run main.go -apikey "XXX"

Import dashboards to your grafana instance

(same as saving, but adding the -import flag)

$ go run main.go -import


$ go run main.go -apikey "XXX" -import


Users need to create an API key through the web UI, which prevents this process from being easily automated. Maybe this will be less of a problem when this is run as a service.

I really ought to be able to upload these just by editing kubernetes configmaps -- this is of course how the default prometheus operator dashboards are created.

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