The official @Microsoft Container Camp used to build out containerized applications on Azure.
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Container Camp

The official un-official container camp used to build out containerized applications on Azure.

We assume you have an Azure Subscription... If you don't, break out your Microsoft Account (aka LiveID, Hotmail account, etc) and pick one of these options:

Lab One: Create an Azure Linux Jumpbox

In this setup, you will create a linux jumpbox VM in Azure using the Azure Portal, install the Azure cli, and install docker on the vm.

Lab Two: Deploy some containers on your jumpbox

  1. Use the Jumpbox to deploy containers
  2. Create a custom container
  3. Instrument & Monitor your containers

Lab Three: Configure a Windows Container Host

In this lab you will build a Windows 2016 Server Container Host and deploy Windows containers.

Lab Four: Setup Docker Swarm and Deploy Some Containers

In this lab you will deploy Docker with swarm mode, using an acs-machine template to deploy to Azure. Once you have a swarm cluster you will deploy some things to it...

Lab Five: Deploy Multicontainer Applications