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This Repo was permanently archived in 2019/10/01. BUT this is not the end!

With almost 3 months together in joint development, the project has been reborn once more!
We convert our website from static to dynamic such that everyone can submit a challenge/competition on their own interests. And more functions are coming. Please look forward to it!

Click HERE for our new website! You can also move to Welcome page for more infomations.

  • The archived README text below
  • 以下是存档的 README 原文本

Data Science Challenge / Competition Deadlines

  • A collection of popular Data Science Challenges/Competitions
  • Countdown timers to keep track of the entry deadlines.


    Please Feel free to star this repo! or open an issue with your suggestions and requests!

    欢迎关注微博更新:IPhysResearch . Collected by 土豆 (Herb) in spare time.

    联系网站开发者:LeonTian 的知乎主页 . LeonTian (Chief Designer and Developer of DataSciCamp).

    Description | How to Contribute | Data Format | To-Do | Feature Requests | FAQ | Acknowledgments & other useful listings | Stargazers over time | License


    • First-Class tags: Platform / Academia

      • Platform: Online public communities and platforms containing various challenges/competitions.
      • Academia: Challenges/competitions for academic research.
    • Second-Class tags: Data Mining / Computer Vision / Natural Language Processing / Reinforcement Learning/Robotics / Speech/Signal Proccessing

      • Note: Data Mining for structured data sources, the others for unstructured ones.
    • Rewards filter tags show you the challenges/competitions offered prizes.

    • The Countdowns to ENTRY DEADLINE with respect to visitor's local time with time zone support.

    • Prize for total prize.

    How to Contribute

    • Please post issues if you find difficulty or inconvenience with any of them, or if any of them are no longer in operation, or if you encounter bugs or issues on the website.

    • To add/update a challenge or any feedbacks to me, please don't hesitate and send in a pull request.

      • The easiest way to do that is to directly append the details of challenges/competitions in ./_data/_*.yaml with YAML format. (see Data Format and ./_data/readme)

      • Or you can clone the repo and push your changes up. Here's how you can build it by your own:

        $ pipenv install --dev
        $ export
        $ python
    • A WeChat group have been created: QR code (7月30日前有效)

    Data Format

    The entire dataset is stored in files ./_data/_effective_*.yaml and ./_data/_hosts.yaml.

    Here is an example:

    - id: TrackML_Throughput_Phase
        - PF
        - AC
        - DM
        - CV
      title: TrackML Throughput Phase
        - CodaLab:
        - NeurIPS 2018:
      range: Sept. 7, 2018 - March 12, 2019
      deadtime: "2019-03-12 23:59:59"
      timezone: UTC
      pubtime: '2019-02-15'
      note: 'The overall TrackML challenge web site is <a href="">there</a>.'
      prize: $15,000

    See more details: ./_data/readme


    • 双语化?
    • Add subscription / notification?
    • Add past challenges/competitions?(增加历史赛题集锦?)
    • Upgrade to a dynamic site. (升级成动态站点)
    • A more handy way to add/update by any visitors.(更方便的表单填写实现赛题增加/更新)
    • Auto-update infos by crawling target site.(定时爬虫监控目标站点的赛题信息更新)

    Feature Requests

    Help us imporve DataSciComp!

    如果你还想 DataSciComp 支持新的特性和功能,请使用 FeatHub 进行投票,我们将综合考虑投票结果等因素来确定开发的优先级。

    Feature Requests

    Feature Requests


    • Where is the last markdown version?
    • 第一次打开站点发现所有赛题显示不正常,看到满眼 Entry Deadline: 的话,请科学上网后再试一次😂 ​。
    • 如果还有某种页面显示不正常的问题,请清空 cookies 和缓存再试一次😭

    Acknowledgments and other useful listings

    Stargazers over time

    Stargazers over time




    A collection of popular Data Science Challenges/Competitions || Countdown timers to keep track of the entry deadlines.








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