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IPLD is the data model for the decentralized web. It allows us to treat all content-addressed data structures as subsets of one big information space, unifying all data models that link data with hashes as instances of IPLD.

Enter IPLD

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Examples and Tutorials



Package JavaScript Go Java
CID ipld/js-cid ipfs/go-cid ipld/java-cid
IPLD Node interface ipld/interface-ipld-format ipfs/go-ipld-format
IPLD Resolver ipld/js-ipld-resolver wip: ipfs/go-ipld-format#8
CBOR (default) ipld/js-ipld-dag-cbor ipfs/go-ipld-cbor ipld/java-ipld-cbor
Merkledag/Protobuf (legacy) ipld/js-ipld-dag-pb wip: ipfs/go-ipld-format#8
Raw ipld/js-ipld-raw wip: ipfs/go-ipld-format#8
Unixfs v2 (planning: ipfs/unixfs-v2)
Git ipld/js-ipld-git ipfs/go-ipld-git
Bitcoin ipfs/go-ipld-btc
Zcash ipfs/go-ipld-zcash
Ethereum ipld/js-ipld-ethereum ipfs/go-ipld-eth
Bencode ipld/js-ipld-bencode
Torrent info ipld/js-ipld-torrent-info
Torrent file ipld/js-ipld-torrent-file
IPLD Selectors (experimental) ipld/js-ipld-selector

New implementations

Are you working on your own implementation in another language? Open an issue in this repository to discuss it with others, find help, and coordinate efforts. Eventually, we can move it to the organization if you like, add it above, and mention it on the website.


There are a variety of systems that use merkle-tree / content-addressing / hash-link / hash-chain inspired datastructures: e.g. Git, BitTorrent, IPFS, Tahoe-LAFS, SFS).

IPLD defines:

  • merkle-links: the core unit of a merkle-graph
  • merkle-dag: any graphs whose edges are merkle-links.
  • merkle-paths: unix-style paths for traversing merkle-dags with named merkle-links
  • IPLD Data Model: a flexible, JSON-inspired, self-describing structured data model for representing merkle-dags.
  • IPLD Serialized Formats: a set of formats in which IPLD objects can be represented, for example JSON, CBOR, CSON, YAML, Protobuf, XML, RDF, etc.


Please contribute! Look at the issues!

Check out our contributing document for more information on how we work, and about contributing in general. Please be aware that all interactions related to IPLD are subject to the IPFS Code of Conduct.

Small note: If editing the README, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


This repository is mainly documents. All of these are licensed under a CC-BY 3.0 Unported License, © 2016 Protocol Labs Inc.