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This repository is the entrypoint to the IPLD project: documentation, specifications, the website, and a great deal of the design work all live here.

**The website published from this repo is online at ** -- you'll probably wish to read it there, rather than see the source form here, unless you're aiming to contribute patches.

IPLD stands for "InterPlanetary Linked Data, and is a series of standards and formats for describing data in a content-addressing-emphatic way. The people who work on IPLD do so because we want a world where it's easy to build decentralized, distributed, and inter-operable applications, and we believe robust data formats and a clear story for content-addressing them is a key piece of leverage towards that goal.

Finding Us

  • For chats with the developers and the community: Join us in any of these (bridged) locations:
  • On Github:
    • Check out all our repos in the organization.
    • Github issues can be used for discussing designs, documenting user needs, and submitting bug reports.
    • Git patches and Github pull requests are welcome! (Although discussing changes via issues or one of the chat venues above first is highly recommended.)

The IPLD project has a Code of Conduct (which is shared with the IPFS project). Collaborators, contributors, and any participants in community spaces are expected to be able to abide by this code.

Docs Development

With Node.js>=16 installed:

  • Setup: npm install
  • Build: npm run build
  • Serve locally: npm run start
  • Test link integrity: npm test
  • Cleanup: npm run clean
  • Review: open a pull request and tag @ipld/reviewers
  • Publish: Merge to master and Fleek will do the rest


SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 OR MIT